4 of The Best Aritaum Products To Use Right Now

Aritaum Products

Coming from the land of leading natural cosmetic products, Aritaum is another Korean brand that has earned a firm place in the hearts of girls who love gentle makeup. It is also beloved for being extremely affordable, quality, trendy, easy to use and easy to buy. But with all its specialties, comes a genuine question; what are the best Aritaum products for your skin types? 

Well, we have compiled a list of products to answer your concerns in detail

Mono Eyes Eyeshadow

Mono Eyes Eyeshadow is one of the most sought after as it delivers outstanding effects. The product comes in the form of a small jar and it has gathered all the hype for the youthful eye colors that it offers. 

The powders of this eyeshadow are very diverse as you can choose from cream, shimmer powder or matte for more make-up styles. There is also coating of lecithin to soften powder particles and oil binder system texture that contributes in maintaining color for long. 

With diverse colors, easy to use, standard color and high adhesion, it will deliver radiant beauty to the whole face.

Idol Waterproof Eye Pencil

If you want to decorate your eyes in the best possible way, then this waterproof eye pencil can be your new favorite item in the make up bag. It is a gel-led, extremely long-lasting eye pencil that provides excellent color retention – for at least 24 hours. 

It is water resistant. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether it’s raining or you struggle with oily eyelids, no situation is going to be difficult for this Eyeliner. Moreover, the thick gel and standard color in just one stroke makes it easy for you to draw bold and sharp liner.

Baby Face Mist

The best face mist with an oil control effect and deep moisturization. It serves as a mineral spray for oily skin and people with acne issues. Its moisturizing property quickly penetrates the skin, and keeps the skin soft and fresh throughout the day. 

For the ones with an oily skin, mineral spray is a lifesaver. It gives you youthful skin, maintains the smoothness and suppleness of the skin and protects it from harmful environmental factors throughout the day. 

Fresh Power Essence Mask

If you are a Korean cosmetics follower then using sleeping masks is not a new thing. But with that being said, not all sleeping masks are affordable. In fact, the majority of the highest-rated Korean sleeping masks are quite expensive. 

Fresh Power Essence Mask is an exception in the entire situation as despite being affordable, it offers exfoliation, skin lightening effects, acne treatment, darkening, and also serves as a collagen booster for skin. 

Upon using this sleeping mask for long, customers have also observed smoothing of wrinkles and a slow down in the skin aging process. The mask also contributes to the skin’s radiant pink glow.