Including the Napa Valley Vineyard & Elizabeth James’ Fancy London Home:

ICONIC PARENT TRAP LOCATIONS:Despite the fact that it was Nancy Meyers’ directorial debut, Disney’s version of The Parent Trap retains all of the unique sensitivities associated with Nancy Meyers’ interior design style (so much so that there is an Instagram account devoted to the “Meyers Interior”).

Dana Swartz of Bustle writes in her essay lauding Nancy Meyers’ genius, “Where Hollywood desexualizes and discards women over 40, Nancy Meyers celebrates them, portraying them as women who have crushed their careers and achieved financial stability sufficient to purchase objectively stunning pieces of property.”And The Parent Trap undoubtedly has some of Meyers’ most striking characteristics. Elizabeth James’ white Georgian home in Knightsbridge is the first stop. This property is a sight to see, with stairs leading up to the columned front porch and into a distinctly British (and undoubtedly exorbitantly costly) residence decorated in white and light beige. Upon entering this house, one might easily imagine snuggling up in a cashmere throw with a cup of tea as it pours outside.

On the other side of the Atlantic, we get to witness the renowned Meyers’ kitchen in action (as seen in It’s Complicated, The Intern, and The Holiday), as well as a vineyard, a pool, stables with horses, and a wine cellar, on Nick and Hallie Parker’s Napa Valley property.

While the majority of Meyers’ films were shot on sets, fans of The Parent Trap will be pleased to learn that many sequences from the 1998 classic were shot on-site, including several at the parents’ two houses. That is to say, sure, you can still visit these enchanted The Parent Trap places in real life. Continue reading to get more information vev.lo/pair.

Camp Walden – The Summer Camp for Girls:

The girls’ summer camp shown in the film is really Camp Seely in California’s San Bernardino Mountains. The camp, which is owned by the City of Los Angeles, continues to offer summer programmes and retreats. You can even get married there!

Queen Elizabeth II’s Ship:

Hotel Queen Mary

Although Nicholas Parker and Elizabeth James marry aboard Queen Elizabeth 2, the majority of the film’s ship sequences were shot on the Queen Mary, a 1930s floating hotel moored in Queensway Bay, just south of Los Angeles.

Nick & Hallie’s Napa Valley Vineyard:

The Napa Valley Vineyard, where Annie spends most of her time as her twin sister Hallie, is a real-life vineyard and winery in California’s wine area. The Staglin Family Vineyard is situated on Napa Valley’s Rutherford Bench, and its 157-year-old Steckter House is easily identifiable by its stucco façade and outdoor sitting area. Visits may be scheduled through the website.

The Knightsbridge Townhouse – Home of Annie and Elizabeth:

The Trap of the Parent Knightsbridge’s Elizabeth James House

Disney, Walt

Hallie mutters when she first gets in London (as Annie): “Here I am, 7 Pembroke Lane.” Unfortunately, as adorable as it sounds, Pembroke Lane is not a genuine street. The exteriors of this stunning white Georgian townhouse were shot in the wealthy Knightsbridge neighbourhood, just across the street from the Victoria & Albert Museum. For anyone planning a visit, the precise address is 23 Egerton Terrace.

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Arcade Royale:

Albemarle Avenue Arcade Royale Disney’s Parent Trap

Elizabeth and Hallie (as Annie) take a stroll around the Royal Arcade at 12 Albemarle Street after they finish correcting the photograph at her bridal gown shop. The 19th-century retail alley has all of its original columns and storefronts and is located in Mayfair, London, between Old Bond Street and Albemarle Street.

The Camping Adventure

Meredith’s real colours are revealed during the camping trip, thanks to some mild prodding from the twins. The shots were shot at Lake Gregory in Crestline, California. With the exception of the water bottle lizard and floating out into the centre of the lake on a mattress, I’d say this was the ideal trip.

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