About Flake-Pul Pepper, Sausage and Baldo Rice

Baldo rice

Food sector is one of the sectors that will always exist in our lives. There are many different vegetables, fruits, legumes, spices, meat and seafood in the world. Because there are so many, it is impossible to know every product. Thanks to this variety, incredible dishes can emerge. It depends a little on the creativity and taste of cooks. Each country has its own spices, meat products or many different foods and drinks. It is important to be able to use these differences together.

Every country has its own food, but it has some food that more than half the world’s population uses and everyone knows. For example, rice is one of them. However, the rice used in Turkey is often known as baldo rice. As far as we know, Baldo rice is consumed not only in Turkey, but also in many countries. Let’s talk about some baldo rice in detail.

It is a medium-grain rice variety grown in the Piemonte region of Italy, registered in 1977. Although Italy was the first place to be discovered, it also began to be produced in Turkey. Rice production has replaced local breeding such as “eared rice”, which was previously grown in Turkey, and has become used in Turkish cuisine.

Baldo rice

Almost every dish is served with pilaff made from Baldo rice. In Turkey, the purpose of Baldo rice for use in dishes is obvious. Baldo rice is often used in foods such as pilaff, dolma, leaf wrap, soup. There is also a dessert where Baldo rice is used. The dessert is called rice pudding or sütlaç. Pilaf made with Baldo rice is often served with the main course. We recommend you try it when you come to Turkey. Let’s move on to the spice we just mentioned.

First, let’s briefly define the Spice. Spice root, leave, seed, such as parts of sometimes fresh, sometimes dried, powdered, or similar processes crumbled when other food items that are used to add aromas and flavors of foods and beverages is the general name. There are more varieties of spices in the world than we can count. One of these spices is Flake-Pul pepper produced in Turkey. Flake-Pul pepper is the name given to dried and beaten red pepper. The Scoville bitterness scale is 10,000. Different pepper varieties can be used in making Pul Biber. It is widely used in Turkey to give dishes a bitter taste.

We mentioned that each country has its own meat products. Sausage is one of the meat products unique to Turkey. Let’s give you some information about the sausage. Sausage is a fermented meat product produced by mixing and filling red meat mince with various spices and garlic into dried intestines. We know that sausage is widely consumed in the Balkans and Central Asia. So the first places where the sausage is found are Central Asia and the Balkans. Sausage is a nutrient containing fat and salt. It also contains spices such as cumin, sumac, paprika, and garlic. In turkey, sausage is also often used in morning breakfasts and dishes such as pizza.