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Adam Calhoun

Adam Calhoun is a popular artist from the USA. Possible collects information about 40 songs by Adam Calhoun. The highest Adam Calhoun’s charting position is 162, and the worst ranking place is 494. Adam Calhoun’s songs spent 1 week on the charts. Adam Calhoun appeared in Top Chart that measures the best American musicians/bands and the highest position noted by Adam Calhoun is 162. The worst result is 494.

Adam Calhoun Wife, Children

Adam Calhoun’s wife’s name is Tess Riolet Calhoun. The couple married in 2016 and together they were blessed with two children, Theodore Calhoun, and Annabel Calhoun. The family resides in Frankfort, Illinois, United States.

He has a son named Theodore Calhoun, born in 2000. He also has a daughter named Annabel Calhoun.

Adam Calhoun Musical Career

Calhoun began his musical career performing with another country rapper, Hosier. They released a single ‘Salute the Brave’ in 2017, which peaked at 46 on Hot Country Songs. and they also released a Made in America album that year. He ended his collaboration with Hosier and began a solo career in 2018, launching AmerAcal. Later that year, he released his second album The Throne. A track from the album “Racism” drew criticism for using the N-word and stereotypes about blacks and whites.

He released a Crazy White Boy EP with Demun Jones. During his ‘Crazy White Boy Tour’, his shows in Sacramento, California were scheduled for the same weekend as the Sacramento Pride, sparking protests over his social media posts about gay and trans people and described song lyrics. as ‘racists’. It resulted in the cancellation of those shows. Other shows faced protests in a similar way and another show in Oklahoma City was canceled.

On July 18, 2019, Calhoun released his third solo album, War. The album was the second best-selling country album and the third best-selling rap album of the week, with 3,200 copies sold.

Adam Calhoun Albums

Made in the USA (with hosiery)

Release Date: December 1, 2017

Label: Redneckin Records

Formats: digital download


Release Date: March 13, 2018

Label: ACal

Formats: digital download

The throne

Todd Thompson Is Married

Release Date: November 2018

Label: ACal

Formats: digital download


Release Date: July 18, 2019

Label: ACal

Formats: digital download, streaming

Hooligan (with Upchurch )

What Does Matthew Gilmour Do For A Living?

Release Date: Nov 25, 2019

Label: ACal / RHEC

Formats: digital download, streaming

Hooligan (with Upchurch )

What Does Matthew Gilmour Do For A Living?

Release Date: Nov 25, 2019

Label: ACal / RHEC

Formats: digital download, streaming

Calhoun is known for his many controversial videos. In 2015, one of his Facebook videos was taken down due to the abusive words he used in the video and this caused his Facebook account to be banned.

Adam Calhoun Net Worth

Adam Calhoun, Net Worth is an American Facebook star who has an estimated Adam Calhoun net worth of $ 300,000. His accumulated net worth is due to success in his career as a Facebook star. Adam the woo net worth has approximately $ 300,000. This amount has been accumulated from their leading roles in the entertainment industry.

It is an overall forecast for the net worth of Adam Calhoun. The evaluation covers the followed years: 2019, 2020, 2021. See below to learn how much money does Adam Calhoun makes a year.

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After teaming with country-rapper Hosier in 2017 for an album called Made in America, the militantly pro-military YouTube personality Adam Calhoun pursued his own solo career. Since debuting in 2018, he has issued a string of chart-topping independent releases, including War and Pressure.

In 2018, Calhoun released the full-length AmerAcal, which played upon the patriotic imagery he championed on social media. It also opened with a track called “Huck Fosier” that signaled his split from his onetime partner. Later that year, he returned with a second album, The Throne. 

In February 2019, he released the Crazy White Boy EP, a collaboration with Demun Jones, with Upchurch featuring on the track “Ww2.0.” In July, Calhoun delivered his third solo full-length, War, with Hooligan — a collaborative effort with Upchurch — arriving at the end of the year. 2020 saw the releases of Billy G.O.A.T. and Legend, the latter of which was a collaboration with Nashville country rapper Struggle Jennings. 

The following year marked the arrival of the full-length Pressure, which quickly ascended to the top of the streaming charts, and was followed closely by the singles “I Can’t Rap” and “No L’s,” the latter of which was a collaboration with Canadian rapper Merkules.

Young Merkules, Struggle Jennings, Ryan Upchurch, Moonshine Bandits, Adam Calhoun, SAVANNAH DEXTER.Popular Songs Clean Money, Crazy White Boy, Big Trucks, War, Tombstone

Adam Calhoun songs

2018 tonight2018 racism
Clean money 20192018 Catch Hell
2018 Huck Fosier2018 crossroads
2018 Country2018 Life Goes On
2019 crazy white boy2019 Hooligan
2019 headstoneWar of 2019
2019 RAP SHXT2019 back and forth
2020 KlonopinCoffin Talk 2020

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