All About Gelbooru and Danbooru


Booru is a Japanese word for ‘board’, the word being formed in the first place from the English word of ‘board’. It a big thing on internet, used worldwide. Booru is a type of image board where the shows images are categorized with the help of tags. That means, for example, if you search for a tag by the name of ‘smile’, all of the uploaded photos containing that hashtag will appear on the feed. While there are a lot of websites which use this kind of approach (Booru-approach), here we will be shedding light on Gelbooru and Danbooruand also understand the different factors at the play in the healthy competition of Gelbooru vs. Danbooru.

Gelbooru is quite a website, with its interesting and vast library of exclusively hentai images, all of which are user uploaded. The library’s content moves between safe and NSFW anime images, so tread in this website with care; make sure no one is peeping on your phone or laptop while you are using this website. Gelbooru has a lot of tags for you to search and select from –it also helps if you don’t know what to do and search for when you first open the site.

You are greeted with a basic homepage, where options of posts, comments, forum, wiki and my account greet you. A search bar is located just right down these options. You can either search for a tag or just go to the posts section. A blue white page opens up, with different hentai anime images coming up. Tags take up the left side of the page, while the original options are seen above, at the start of the page. The picks are inappropriate in nature, but that is what you signed up for when you came on the page.You also have an option of making your account, where there must be additional features, yet to be unlocked.

Danbooru is another similar website, though more popular than If you search for Gelbooru on google, information about Danbooru crops up in the results. The homepage has a neat toolbar at the top, with sections such as ‘Login’, ‘posts’, ‘comments’, ‘notes’, ‘artists’, ‘tags’, ‘pools’, ‘wiki’, ‘forum’ and more. The default page is the ‘posts’, where an array of images come in neat sections. The left side of the page has a search bear and below them are tags, with the popularity number; the top one for the moment is ‘Azur lane’ with 46k views.

The user interface gives off a vibe of old websites, though it is quite interactive. There are discussions which you can check out in the section of Comments, obviously and on the Forum page. An additional feature it gives us is the Wiki page, where you can understand the meaning of Danbooru and donmai, two Japanese words. The artist section opens up a list of the artists with a comprehensive data adding section, where you can search for artists of your own liking. The content is as hentai enough, but there are some simple and safe nuggets you can come across while browsing through the plethora of images.

Difference betweenGelbooru & Danbooru
If one goes on to put forth a comparison of Gelbooru and Danbooru, the differences might not be visible as was expected, but they are there. These differences would also serve to tell you why Gelbooru seems to be better than Danbooru; most of the people accessing these sites feel Gelbooru’s superiority over Danbooru. The differences are listed down below –

User interface
Gelbooru has a sleek and intuitive interface – it feels as if the designer has put much thought into the website’s design. The detailed artistic rendition on the front page, the color scheme, everything fuels the favorability of the site. On the other hand, as mentioned above, Danbooru has an old interface, with no exciting addition. Having a nice UI helps a lot when it comes to accessing the website – which is something Danbooru doesn’t provide.

The maturity of the content
The content on both the sites is massive; however, Gelbooru wins this argument too, as it has a variety of unsafe, explicit content, as compared to Danbooru’s content. There is no need to login in order to access the content on Gelbooru, whereas Danbooru might have some content which can be fully accessed through a login. Gelbooru is unapologetic when it comes to their content, while Danbooru has some reserve while showing mature content.

The availability of the posts
Posts uploaded by the users doesn’t have much shelf-life when it comes to Gelbooru website. It might be the only plus point of Danbooru, but even the deleted posts are up on the website. This way, you can search for an image and have it appeared right in front of you, especially if it was deleted some time ago. Gelbooru doesn’t have that option.

The advanced search bar
Search bars are the important part of such websites, and Gelbooru has it better than Danbooru. A strong feature of Gelbooru is how it lets the user search for two tags at the same time. For example, if you want to search for tall boys with suspenders and black glasses, you are in luck – Gelbooru can help you do that. On the other hand, if you don’t have an account, Danbooru will only let you search for one tag at a time.Itcan, therefore, only search for tall boys with suspenders or tall boys with black glasses. This feature has led to Gelbooru getting more organic traffic, as compared to Danbooru.

More tags
Tags seem to be an important part of such hentai sites. Gelbooru and Danbooru has an extensive library of tags as well, but even here, Gelbooru has the upper hand. A variety of tags can be seen on the Gelbooru sites, more than half of what you will find on Danbooru. Searching two tags at one time has actually helped to create more tags on Gelbooru.

There is no actual competition between these two, but features wise, users would agree Gelbooru is easier to use than Danbooru. However, never doubt the sites’ popularity– both are very efficient and useful in what they promise to provide.