Antonio Conte Biography: All About New Head Coach of Tottenham


Antonio Conte is a well-known Italian football manager. He is a former player on the team. Currently, he is the head coach of the Premier League club called the Tottenham Hotspur. He started his career at the local club Leece. Then he became one of the most decorated and influential players. Also, he became the captain of the team and won the UEFA Champions League. One of his honors was five Serie A titles.

Then he played for the Italy national team and became a participant in the 1994 FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro 2000. From 2006 he began his managerial career as a Tottenham manager. Conte is now fifty-two years old. If you want to know about Antonia Conte then you are in the right place. Continue reading to know more. 

Early life and education

The birthplace of Antonio Conte is Leece, Southern Italy. The name of his father is Cosimino Conte. He was a football coach. Conte’s mother was a full-time housewife named Ada Briamo. 

He has two brothers named Gianluca and Daniele. They were brought up in their home by their strict parents. They have several rules in their house which they had to follow. Conte learned to play football in the street as it was their football pitch. He and his friends used white chalk to draw lines on the floor. This became their football field. 

Although Conte’s father was a football coach he wanted his son to excel at his studies. But his father was like a friend to Conte even though he was strict. Conte’s father set rules in the household and those who flouted the rules had to undergo punishment. 

In school, Conte was a good student. He studied but also devoted some time to playing football. 

Career and achievements

Antonio Conte’s Football career

Antonio Conte started his career in the youth team of his hometown Leece. He made his debut in Serie A. He is the under manager of Carlo Mazzone. Then he got signed by Juventus manager Giovanni Trapattoni. Conte considered him as his second father.  Due to his leadership and consistent performance he was named as captain of Marcello Lippi in 1996. 

Then Conte started to play for the Italy national team. He was one of the squad members during the 1994 FIFA World Cup under Sacchi and also UEFA Euro 2000. He achieved the runner-up medals. He made over twenty international appearances between 1994 and 2000. 

Conte was one of the best Italian midfielders of his generation. He is considered a quick, energetic, and combative player. He is well known for his hard work, consistency, intelligence, and more. Also, he had a strong mentality which made him the best sportsman. So with these abilities and skills, he has scored some great goals. 

Coaching career

Conte became the Italy National team manager in 2014. Then he signed a three-year contract to work as a coach for the Chelsea club. From 2019 he became the head coach of Inter Milan. The team won the first league match against Leece. Further on 2 November, 2021 Conte became the head coach of Tottenham Hotspur. It happened after the former coach Nuno Espírito Santo was sacked. 

Antonio Conte’s Personal life

Antonio Conte married Elisabetta in 2013. She is the daughter of his friend Gianni. He loved her and waited for the right time to propose to her. Then they became a couple. They have a daughter named Vittoria born in 2007.  

Conte showed his gratitude to his family as they supported him in the Scommessopoli match-fixing controversy. He said that his wife is a great woman who always understands him. Also, he is proud of his daughter. 

There is another person in Conte’s life with whom he is close. It is none other than his brother Gianluca Conte. They studied together in the university and started a career in football together. His brother worked as an analyst at Bari, Juventus, Chelsea FC, and more. Currently, he is working as Chelsea FC’s assistant coach. 

Controversy in career

Before Euro 2012, Conte got stuck in a controversy. He was accused of not reporting attempted match-fixing during his position as a manager of Siena. It was connected with the betting scandal of 2011–12. The ex-Siena player Filippo Carobbio was one of the accused of the scandal.  He revealed that Conte was also part of the match-fixing and he knew what was going on. Other accusations were also put on Conte for Siena’s win over Varese that season. 

But Conte’s lawyer Antonio De Rencis revealed that his client denied the accusations. He maintained that Conte did not know about any match-fixing attempts. To date, the other players in Siena have not corroborated with the statement made by Carobbio. Further Conte as per the advice of his lawyers struck a plea bargain. In 2012 his plea bargain got rejected. He was also suspended from football for ten months. But Conte maintained his innocence and appealed. Then according to his appeal, his suspension was reduced. Many accusations against him were also found to be without basis. 

The net worth of Antonio Conte

As a former player Antonio Conte was popular in his field. Then he became a manager and coach as well. At the moment he is the coach of Serie A club Inter Milan. His net worth is worth $25 million. So he is considered as one of the richest football managers in the world. 


Antonio Conte is a well-known football manager and coach. Although he got stuck in many controversies, he is still successful in his career now.