Behind The Truth of Stomach Sweat Bands


What is A Wearing A Belt stomach sweat band ?

Anyone who wants to shed the extra pounds need to understand that the most effective method to shed weight is to exercise regularly and a balanced diet but not use stomach sweat band.

 There isn’t a better way to do it, to lose weight, especially in a speedier or shorter one.

A sweat belt is an excellent option to add to your regular exercise routine.

The sweat belt as it is known it is an ergonomically designed, gender-neutral nylon

body shaper belt specifically designed to be worn close to your stomach for workouts.

It does this by creating a barrier for your stomach area by using top quality fabric

which increases the core temperature while you exercise.

These belts can be put around your waist to allow your body’s muscles to sweat out

excess water from your stomach area. Once your body is rid of excess water,

it loses the water weight , which is a major factor to the loss of weight.

What are slimming belts?

Tele-marketers bombard you with ads regarding slimming belts. To entice you to buy

to buy, they show images of people who have shed a lot of weight by simply using

these belts. If you’ve seen a commercial like this it is important to know that they’re scripted .


A sweat band will do more than provide false hopes. Wrapping it around your

stomach could stop those muscles that are in the core from working according to

American Council on Exercise spokesperson Pete McCall. 

This means that you’re not seeing the weight loss when working on your sweat belt

, but you’re also not getting the benefits that could be gained from your exercises. The belts that self-heat go further, with some users complaining of burning and blisters caused by the mechanisms.

The potential risks of using an abdominal or stomach sweat band :

Although sweatbands could result in increased sweating however they do not allow

you to cool down and evaporate your sweat.

which can lead to dangerously high body temperature, electrolyte imbalance, dizziness inability to concentrate, or even death.

A tight-fitting stomach could cause your organs move and hinder the flow of blood to your organs.

This includes the kidneys and the intestines which can lead to health issues.

Although there aren’t any evidence-based studies to prove the efficacy of stomach

sweatbands however there are plenty of scientifically-backed reasons why you should not use it.

Comment on stomach sweat band:

Sophia Yen, co-founder of Pandia Health and professor at Stanford Univeristy with a clinical interest in obesity, is of the opinion she believes that abdominal sweatbands don’t perform in the long run, at the very least not for the long-term. “I believe it could perform for a few days, but won’t last long,” Yen says. “Anytime something is about sweat is only temporary.”