Billie Eilish Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

billie eilish tits

It doesn’t make sense.

To me, Billie Eilish is gorgeous so I was shocked by some of the negative things that people have said about her.

This includes her face and body, which some claim to be the work of plastic surgery.

Of course, I’m here to set things straight.

To be honest, I have no idea if Billie had any work done. So these comparisons were quite interesting to put together.

Has Billie Eilish had a nose job?

Billie has a unique nose shape that changes with camera angles.

Her nose can look pointy and at other times, bulky.

So to find out whether the singer had a nose job, I decided to compare her side face pictures and the answer is ‘No’.

They look similar to me.

Did she get lip injections?

This one was easy.

Billie’s lips are NOT in the thin category, naturally.

So lip filler is not something she needs.

Did Billie have a boob job?

I don’t know why anyone would body shame her for having big breasts.

Yes, Billie’s boobs are naturally large and I have seen no evidence suggesting they are breast implants either.

There is nothing fake on her body and I’ll leave it at that.

What about her teeth?

Nobody is perfect and Billie did have crooked teeth.

It was an imperfection that was most likely fixed with veneers.

A simple and common dental procedure.

Final Thoughts

The answer is clear.

Billie is a natural beauty and while she may have hidden her busty frame in the past. She seems to be embracing it as she got older.

And cosmetic surgery has nothing to do with it.