Biography, Net Worth, Contacts and Kids of Debra Newell


If you have watched the “Dirty John” documentary, you probably might have seen or heard of Debra Newell. In this article, we are discussing the Biography, Net Worth, and Kids of one of the most carrier women, Debra Newell.

Who is Debra Newell

Debra Newell is one of the rich middle-aged American businesswoman and actress from Orange County, California. She was a popular figure in the documentary by Netflix titled Dirty John.  Before the documentary, Debra Newell is noted and applauded for her achievement as an interior designer.

According to reports, marriage for her went bad as she was married to someone described by others as a “violent artist” and a convicted man known as John Meehan.

Unverified reports suggest that John Meehan lied to Debra Newell on their first date that he was a medical doctor, that was just two days after they released him from prison. Debra did not know of this secret until later.

Police detailed that John Meehan was killed by Debra Newell’s sister in a self-defense Rumbo knife attack by him in 2016. What triggered the attack is still a ghost story to be discussed another day.


Debra Newell is a self-established businesswoman who is best known for her interior design works. As the going became tough, Debra established a new business known as Ambrosia Home, which she founded in November 2017.  That was just 1 month after the Dirty John Podcast dropped.

Who is Debra Newell’s Husband

As stated above, John Meehan was Debra Newell’s husband. The marriage lasted only for two years between 2014-2016 before his sudden dismay. Meehan lied that he was a medical doctor on their first date.

After 2 months, they got married beautifully, and everything seemed fine except that Debra Newell’s children (females) had been against the relationship from day one.

In other to prove their points to their mum, Terra and Jacquelyn Newell on the blind side of Debra Newell employed the services of a private investigator to reveal the true identity of John Meehan. The investigation suggested that John Meehan was an unashamed fraudster and a con man, but the expose’ didn’t move Debra. Newell and John continued their marriage as if nothing happened for a while

As time went by, Debrah Newell called the marriage a quit in March 2016, but the decision didn’t go well with John Meehan. Meehan furiously set fire to Debrah’s car to show his displeasure.

On one faithful day at the parking lot, John Meehan attacked his ex-wife’s kid sister and August 2016 however she got lucky. She survived after the knife fell off John’s hands, where she rather stabbed him in a self-defense claim. John died at the hospital on a sad note.

Debra Newell Biography 

As at the time of writing this article, Debra Newell was 65 years old. Unfortunately, she has no data on Wikipedia, making it difficult to extract data about her.  She was 59 years old when she met John Meehan in 2014.

From her previous marriage before meeting John Meehan, Debra had 2 daughters, Terra and Jacquelyn Newell. Talking of height, Debra Newell is 5 feet and 6 inches tall with a weight of 60kg.

After her separation from John, Debra Newell hasn’t married and remained a window since.

Debra Newell Instagram

Debra is not social fun as much however she has an account on Instagram. You can follow here on Debranewell19.

Apart from her Instagram account, Newell has a business website for her Interior designs. If you need to find out more about her business, visit

Debra Newell Contact Details

Although we do not have Debra Newell’s personal contact numbers, she has phone numbers for her purposely for her Interior design business, Ambrosia Home: (702) 885-8548You may also contact them for business on email:

Net Worth of Debra Newell

Information about Debra Newell’s net worth is not known however she was predicted to be living in a splash house worth $USD6500 a month with her late husband.