Cynthia Rowley Bio, Age, Husbad, Kids and Net Worth


Cynthia Rowley is a famous fashion designer. Her brand is a global lifestyle brand that has created excellent dresses. She wants to portray to the world that fashion is an adventure. She has received many accolades because of her career. Many people buy outfits from her brand because of his quality and beauty. Cynthia Rowley age is sixty-two now. Moreover, she is also a bestselling author and has made her appearance in many television shows. Know all the details about Cynthia Rowley Biography here.

Background information

The birth date of Cynthia Rowley is July 29, 1958, and her place of birth is Barrington, Illinois, U.S. The names of her parents are Ed Rowley who worked as a Science teacher and Clementine who was a painter. She has two siblings. At age 7 Rowley created her first dress.

Rowley studied at Barrington High School and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She got sent out from an art show because her dress design had wings.


– Fashion career

In 1981 Rowley received a SAIC fellowship award. She used the gift money to shift to New York City from Chicago. Then she used the money her grandmother gave to start her career. In 1988 she started her capsule collection. Then she began to create varieties of glasses, colour cosmetics, home furnishings, swimwear and more. Most importantly Cynthia Rowley wetsuit became very famous among her clients.

Rowley created a line of accessories named Swell for home. Then in 2011, she released a men’s wear brand named Mr Powers collection. Cynthia Rowley dresses have a flirty, carefree and simple style. Many magazines have praised her fashion lines. Her home wear outfits such as Cynthia Rowley pyjamas are one of a kind.

– Media appearances

Rowley came as a judge on reality television programs such as 24 Hour Catwalk, Project Runway, Design Star, America’s Next Top Model and more. In the TV series Return to Amish, the audience got the chance to see ex-Amish Kate Stoltzfus joining as an intern at Rowley’s design company.

Personal life

Rowley got married to photographer Tom Sullivan. But he died of brain cancer in 1994 at age thirty-two. Then Rowley wedded William Keenan Jr. a sculptor. She has a daughter named Kit Keenan with him. After some years she separated from him and married William “Bill” Powers. Cynthia Rowley spouse is an art dealer and writer. Furthermore, he is also the owner of Half Gallery in Upper East Side Manhattan.

The net worth of Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley net worth is $100 million. From the 80s she is one of the most sought after designer. Because of her company and fashion brand Cynthia Rowley Collection she is a rich person. Her stores are available in New York, Taiwan, Boston, Hong Kong and more. She came as a judge on the reality TV show and also wrote several books. She also owns many houses in New York City.