Dan Schneider denies foot fetish at old show


    Dan Schneider -The former king of Nickelodeon programming-worked on a long-standing theory that he was stepping in and told it at his show … what he says is not true.

    Former TV producers have produced numerous hit series at Nick over the years, including “iCarly,” “Drake & Josh,” “The Amanda Show,” and “Zoey 101.”Interview NYT … straight asking him about foot fetish rumors.

    Is tf with Nickelodeon and feet ?? pic.twitter.com/YASNeP2ZRo

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    Some people have edited stills from his various shows, and they seem to find a common theme among his child actors … they seem to be in many barefoot scenes. was.

    Dan replied with this … “The comedy was completely innocent,” he continued, saying that the foot fetish claim was “ridiculous,” to children who thought their feet were funny / stupid. Chalked … he claimed he didn’t try to sexualize his star.

    This is creepy as he put so many foot references only to icarly pic.twitter.com/wSmn7FshLv

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    Some of his on-camera and off-camera behavior with the star has been questioned-suggesting that Dan is, at a minimum, eerie and unaware of the boundaries.

    But that’s not a problem … According to Dan, who revealed why he broke up with Nick in 2018 after 30 years of historic operation on the network, he simply noted other personal issues. He said he was “going on the roadside” in his life.

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    However, the NYT reports that an internal investigation into Dan’s workplace practices began around that time … after a verbal abuse allegation from his ex-staff. Apparently, the review found benefits to some of those claims … it made him nervous and difficult.

    HR couldn’t find any credibility … in allegations of sexual misconduct, especially the height of #MeToo and his accidental departure at the same time the allegations were flying crazy. , Something that was speculated about Schneider.

    Dan said at the time about improper relationships with children … “I couldn’t. If you abused an actor, long-term friendship and loyalty from many reputable people There wasn’t. Especially for minors, regardless of age. “