Derrick Grace NET Worth, Wife, Age, And Biography

derrick grace ii

Where does Derrick Grace live?

Derrick Grace lives in the private, gated community of Nature’s Reserve in Tampa, Florida, roughly 40 miles north of Tampa. He paid $624,000 for the 4,704 square foot home in January 2016. The house has undergone everything things to enjoy there with his family.

Derrick Grace II Early Life

Derrick Grace ii is an American business visionary, smash hit creator and a full-time father. He is likewise the CEO of, an online entry that sells courses and stocks on self-esteem, self-instruction, mindfulness, and self-protection.

Derrickgracetwo has given a lot of his vocation to making apparatuses to instruct individuals on fundamental ability subjects. He claims a weapon store, frequently dresses like rap, and have tattoo all around his body including his face.

Derrick Grace II Biography

In a world run by money, making one wrong move can be incredibly costly. Unfortunate circumstances or financial mistakes can be crippling, and in extreme cases, leave an individual or family without food or shelter. Luckily, individuals like Derrick Grace II are stepping up and focusing on financial and general lifestyle education with their business endeavors.

Grace has been building himself an impressive vehicle of success for years, spanning several different entrepreneurial moves. However, while growing a comfortable living for himself and his family, he has always emphasized educating and providing the tools for others to do the same.

NameDerrick Grace II
Inheritance / OriginU.S
Religion – believe in God?Without religion
HomeHe lives in Tampa, Florida (they live together and own a house)
Age33 years
Marital statusMarried
Current Wife of Derrick GraceChelsy grace
Does he have children?Yes,
Hair colorBrown / Black
Eye colorDark coffees
Does Derrick Grace have a tattoo?The 20 Best And Craziest Celebrity Tattoos

Derrick Grace Board Game

Over the years, Grace has been a #1 best-selling author, selling over 50,000 books independently, covering a wide range of topics from child education, co-parenting, gun education, and curriculum. In addition to his educational series of books, Grace launched a board game called, Derrick Grace’s board game “In-Home Banking”, which is described as “edutainment”, providing an entertaining educational experience. The game covers various topics from financial literacy to small business ownership, and so far has sold over 8,000 copies. Derrick Grace board game.

Derrick Grace Book

Grace went on to write a series of books that covered a variety of important topics from child education and co-parenting to gun education. Derrick Grace’s first Book God Amongst Men Grace became a best-selling author after independently publishing his books, selling over 50,000 copies. Grace also created a board game that is aimed at teaching financial literacy. 

The game is called “At Home Banking” which goes over real-world scenarios and teaches finances, small business ownership, and more within the gameplay. The game quickly sold out, selling over 8,000 copies

To keep the ball moving, Grace launched a movement he calls “The Unlearn and Relearn Movement”. The movement focuses on “financial independence, self-will, ownership, and family business”. Grace founded the Independent Unlearn and Relearn Academy to further fortify his movement.

Thank God We Don’t Look Like What We Been Through

God’s Amongst Men: 365 Routes To Supreme Being: 365 Routes To Supreme Being

Gods Amongst Men: 365 Routes To Supreme Being

God Amongst Men: 365 Routes to Supreme Being Volume 3

Derrick Grace Wikipedia

Over the years, Grace has built an astonishing social media presence of nearly 1,000,000 followers across all platforms and has used his pedestal on social media to push his educational movement and content to his fans. The Unlearn and Relearn Movement continue to grow and reach a larger audience every day, educating more and more people about essential life skills.

Derrick Grace II Hard Work-To Achieve Net Worth Of 50 Million$

Derrick Grace II has spent the last several years of his life creating for himself an astonishing empire of educational business platforms. In today’s world, with aged education systems and a lack of direction for the youth, financial finesse becomes a much rarer skill than you’d expect. 

Grace has taken it upon himself to provide tools to help change that.

Derrick Grace First Success

Grace found his first major financial success after selling an incredibly high-rated apparel app on the Google Play store. Shortly after, Grace went viral, growing an astonishing social media presence reaching over 600,000 followers on Instagram alone. With so many connections at his fingertips, Grace would go on to use his following as a basis for his education systems.

Derrick Grace Wife, Family

Names of his father, mother, children, brothers, and sisters: Derrica Grace (Daughter)Melanin Grace & Malaya Grace (Daughter)Throughout all of his business ventures, Grace has maintained a loving relationship with his family, being a full-time father to his children and homeschooling. His focus on self-love, self-awareness, self-education, and self-preservation is reflected in not only his own life but in the systems he creates to educate, and he prides himself on “providing tangible and intangible results. You cannot debate those.

What is Derrick Grace’s wife’s name?

Derrick Grace’s wife’s name is Derrick Chelsy Grace. Grace ii is hitched to Chelsy Grace. They have four youngsters together, three young ladies and a child. Derrick and his better half Chelsy now and then the discussion about relationship issues. Nonetheless, Derrick adores his better half such a lot that he has made her important for his excursions for work and she helps him in each angle.

Derrick Grace Net worth

The amount is Derrick Grace II’s net worth? Derrick Grace’s total assets are assessed at $50 million. Having his vocation began as law requirement staff, Grace ii has figured out how to make some amazing progress up securing himself as confident. His type of revenue is created from deals of books and individual products. Derrick Grace’s net worth.derrick grace 2 net worth

As per Derrick Grace’s total assets month-to-month pay which was delivered by Forbes India, Derrick Grace ii makes more than $1.5 million every month. His prosperity vocation has acquired him a rich way of life and a portion of the extravagant vehicles. he possesses a gold of 53 pounds and 130 weapons.