Did Jack Dylan Grazer Break Up With Cylia? Jack Dylan Grazer Exposed As An Abuser- Drama Explained

jack dylan grazer and cylia chasman break up

Did Jack Dylan Grazer break up with Cylia Chasman? There has not been any official announcement about the break-up despite the cheating and abuse allegations. 

Jack Dylan is a well-known American actor. He is best known for his role as Fraser Wilson in the television series We Are Who We Are as the lead cast.

The actor made his debut in the entertainment industry back in the year 2014 as a son in The Greatest Event in Television History. The actor has over 15 acting credits on his IMDB profile.

He has come out as a non-binary personality. Jack revealed to his fans in a live stream on Instagram about him being bisexual.

Let us learn more about Jack Dylan and take a closer look at his breakup and allegations of being abusive.

Did Jack Dylan Grazer Break Up With Cylia Chasman?

Jack Dylan Grazer or his girlfriend Cylia Chasman has not made an official announcement of their breakup just yet.

Jack and Cylia might be experiencing some turbulence in their relationship as they have removed their pictures from social media platforms.

The couple started dating in February 2020 and has recently celebrated their one-year anniversary.

However, Jack went Instagram official with his relationship in August 2020.

Jack Dylan Grazer Exposed- Is He Abusive To Cylia Chasman?

Jack Dylan Grazer was seen abusing Cylia Chasman on various occasions on social media live.

He was seen being abusive to Cylia on numerous occasions. Jack often passed offensive and vulgar comments towards Chasman.

Jack was seen beating Cylia Chasman and pulling her hair.

The actor is even labeled as being manipulative and dominant towards Cylia Chasman.

Grazer once threw a hydro flask at Cylia which hit her hand resulting in burses and an immobile hand for six days.

Cylia even had the door slammed on her face while Jack threw tantrums at her.

So, by the look of things and various social media videos and posts, Jack Dylan Grazer was very much abusive to Cylia Chasman.

Many of Chasman’s followers are raising their voices to support her and have posted numerous such abusive content on the internet.

Jack Dylan Grazer And Cylia Chasman Cheating Drama

Jack Dylan Grazer and Cylia Chasman have some drama going on in their relationship lately.

Due to the drama they have been trending on the internet and have attracted a large number of social media attention. We have tried to gather much information about the drama and tried to expose Jack Dylan in this article.

It all started when fans and followers started noticing Jack Dylan Grazer abusing Cylia Chasman on numerous occasions.

They started getting concerned about Cylia and ultimately started raising voices against it on social media.

Jack Dylan previously cheated on Cylia Chasman for over 4 months with an unidentified woman, fueling the drama.

However, various fans and followers have exposed Grazer with their video evidence on the internet.