DMX fiancé gives him a heartbreaking compliment after the rapper’s death


Less than two weeks after the death of his beloved rapper, DMX fiancé Desiree Lindstrom used her IG account to send him a heartbreaking compliment. Check out what she had to say in his memory!

As you may know, DMX was also the father of his son Exodus, so she thanked her for spending her child with the deceased rapper and for bringing him into life.

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Alongside a selfie featuring them, the mourning designer wrote in the caption: I knew I would never let go. I got lost in you and had no other problems. My best friend, baby, my love … all of me. Thank you for both of you. Exodus Thank you.Thank God for Earl Simmons [DMX’s real name]… Forever X. “

The photo shows Desiree and the rapper appearing to be in a bar or club, enjoying each other every second.

After all, they posed really close to each other, and at that moment they got lost and fell in love.

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Fans immediately sent their love and positive message to the mourning woman and wrote the following comment:

“I pray that God will comfort you. I am really sad. I hope you find peace and power in your hardships.”

Another believer also commented:’Well, this really hurts. I cried legally. I still can’t believe it. “

Designy’s tribute post wasn’t the only thing she did to celebrate the man she loved.

She also tattooed him in honor of him to remember DMX forever.

In a post on April 11th, she showed off a new ink with the “Dog Love” and “X” logos on her inner forearm.

In terms of meaning, TMZ reported, “According to our sources, Desiree considers dog love to be as unconditional as X.”

DMX died just 50 years after having a heart attack, a week later.