Do You Know Why Beer Bottles Are Mostly Green Or Brown In Colour?


Those who love beer can’t imagine their life without it and find excuses to have it regularly. That’s the reason the beer industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today. It is less costly than the majority of alcoholic drinks.

Beer is not only preferred due to its price but it is also one of the oldest alcoholic drink in the entire world. If you are a beer lover too, you must be having those brown and green bottles rolling around on the floor.

Have you ever thought about why the beer bottles are most of the time brown or green in colour?

Before beer was sold in clear bottles having absolutely no colour. The tradition of storing beer in glass bottles dates back to centuries. After a lot of trial and error, the brewers finally decided upon the perfect shape of the bottle that we see today.

The brewers discovered that the liquid in the clear bottles was eventually getting affected by the sunlight and smelled very odd.

This is due to the UV rays coming from the sun reacts without any difficulty with the acid in beer when kept in clear bottles. In the attempt to find a solution to this issue brands began using brown colour for beer bottles as brown restricts the UV rays to react with the liquid inside the bottles.

Then they made brown bottles that blocked the maximum amount of sunlight, preventing any damage to the product inside. The brewers soon realized that the beer stayed fresh for longer in the brown bottles without altering the taste. You might’ve noticed a slight difference in the taste of beer from these dark tinted bottles.

At the time of World War II, there was a shortfall of brown glass and the brewers ultimately again moved to the clear bottles. The clear bottles didn’t appear royal and this had the bearings on the sales of beer.

In order to make beer bottles appear royal and of high quality, the brewers used green colour to fascinate beer lovers again.

The breweries tried to work the shortage in their favour and started packaging their beers in green glass bottles and marketed them as ‘premium’. They said the beer in the green bottles is of ‘higher quality. Thus, the fancy green bottle to this day is considered as premium and became a status quo.

It was from then, the beer companies are using these 2 colours to solicit the majority of customers and they are probably succeeding in it. So, the next time when you drink beer alongwith your friends you can show off this knowledge about why green and brown colours are used in beer bottles.