Donald Trump After announcing what he had received


Donald Trump After announcing what he had received, he was booed in the crowd’s pocket during the latest leg of his “History Tour” this weekend. COVID-19 Booster jab..

Former President is currently touring with a shameful former President Fox news Hosting Bill O’Reilly, the pair visits five venues around the world Florida When Texas.. However, when he said at the American Airlines Center in Dallas that both Mr. Trump and Mr. O’Reilly were given booster shots at the end of the tour, Mr. Trump got a fairly hostile reaction from several quarters. I did.

Mr. Trump told a crowd of supporters who were barely masked:

“This has devastated the country far beyond its current state. Trust it … it’s great. What we’ve done is historic. To them Please do not let me rob you.

“If you don’t want to take it, you shouldn’t be forced to take it, you’re not obliged, but you take credit … don’t let them rob you of it.” He said.

Mr. Trump received a similar response after telling his supporters to be vaccinated in the summer.

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O’Reilly then asked the crowd for confirmation after telling the crowd that “both the president and I are confused.”

“Did you get a booster?” Former Fox News anchor asked Trump. “Yes,” Trump replied. “I got it too,” O’Reilly added.

According to Mr. Trump, boos and jealousy came from a small cluster of participants, but they did not represent the view of the entire crowd.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t [boo] … it’s okay, it’s a very small group out there, “he said, following a prompt from the side of the stage, seemingly trying to calm the audience.

Rather, needless to say, this is not the first opportunity to receive a bad reaction after admitting that he got a Covid jab.

In October, Mr. Trump released Pfizer’s Covid vaccine. Interview with Yahoo Finance.. As the video below shows (taken at the August trample rally), this news didn’t work very well on his loyal foundation.

The advice from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is that all qualified Americans get booster shots as the Biden administration fights the increasingly serious crisis of the Omicron variant.

Trump booed by his own supporters as he says he got the Covid booster

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