Dragon Age Inquisition Mods 2021- Everything to Know


Some of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s character creation options can become stale after a while, as any game does. There is, however, a vibrant modding community that has stepped up to the plate to offer thousands of mods that range from bug fixes to cosmetic tweaks to completely redesigning companions and advisors.

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Here are some of the best Dragon Age: Inquisition mods to help players jump back into the Inquisition’s adventures across Thedas.

List of Best Dragon Age: Inquisition Mods 2021
Configurable Increased Inventory Capacity (2019 update)
Free inventory space can be incrementally upgraded with two Inquisition Perks in the game. These Perks are difficult to unlock. Players can use this mod in lieu of spending the precious few points needed for the Inquisition Perks, instead of spending them.

Electricfish made Configurable Increased Inventory Capacity, which was updated by ZorrCrew in 2019 on Nexus Mods. Originally, 400 slots were added to inventory space. With ZorrCrew’s update, players will be able to choose between 200, 400, 1000, and 5000 free slots, an improvement over the incremental 15 players receive with their hard-earned Inquisition Perks.

War Table – No Waiting
If you’re looking for a speed run, you can complete those missions on the War Table Dragon Age: Inquisition mods in record time. The War Table mission chosen by the player will take a certain amount of time for the advisors and agents to complete. Additionally, players must also wait until the task has been completed before they can use that advisor on another mission. This can result in delays or disastrous choices.

Tahira’s War Table – No Waiting mod is wildly popular with players who want to avoid this. All missions are completed upon activation, except one. To avoid a known bug, it takes one minute to complete “Truth or Dare: A Dangerous Game.”.

Dragon Age Inquisition Mods

MoreLoot – Remade
A player may notice that opponents drop less loot, especially in lower-level areas like Hinterlands, after a certain point in the game.

It increases the chance of enemies dropping gold, rare items, crafting items, and schematics by adding overrides to about 200 of the over 400 random loot tables in the game. The mod was uploaded by tirnoney. There is a choice as to what drops the player wants more often.

Dragon Age Inquisition Mods 2021- Everything to Know 1
Search Radius Increased
Inquisition players can pick up Eagle Eyed, a perk that improves the search function’s radius to locate loot that is easy to miss, from the War Table. Using this Perk does not significantly increase the radius size. The Search Radius Increased mod is the easiest way to loot every item in the game for a completionist.

The Search Radius Increased Dragon Age: Inquisition mods were created by Jerrybullet, who also created other mods that made this list. Users can choose to increase the search radius either by 50% or 100%. In addition, the mod eliminates the requirement that items be in line of sight for the search feature to pick them up.

Dragon Age Inquisition Mods 2021- Everything to Know 2
More Banter
It is the best mod, and almost universally loved by fans since relationships are a huge part of the game. On Nexus Mods, jerrybullet created More Banter in order to fix a bug that prevented party banter from triggering when exploring Thedas.

Typically, party banter Dragon Age: Inquisition mods will be heard once every 20 minutes, but the timer will reset every time the player fast travels around a map. Additionally, a Codex that has not been read and a few bugs may prevent banter from triggering at all.

Every 15 minutes during side quests, and every time the player switches their party at camp, the party talks more often. Players can now listen to the relationships between all possible combinations of characters evolve and grow with over five hours of tracked party banter. Especially in 2020, this game mod is indispensable.

Dragon Age Inquisition Mods 2021- Everything to Know 3
Party at the Winter Palace
The Inquisitor attends Empress Celene’s ball and peace talks to stop an assassination plot during Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts to attend Empress Celene’s ball and to stop an assassination plot. Players might find it enjoyable to see their companions playing politics after a few drinks due to the fact that the main quest deviates so much from the rest of the story.

This event can make choosing a party difficult. Due to Sapphim and Starrarte, parties only matter in combat. Party at the Winter Palace will show up at the Ball and every recruited companion will be available for conversation.

The Inquisitor will also announce all recruited characters to the court as he approaches Empress Celene. Members who leave a party will still appear as if they are present even if they are not. The Inquisition road trip will give players a taste of what that may look like.

Dragon Age Inquisition Mods 2021- Everything to Know 4
Multiple Romance Mod
As with any BioWare game, Dragon Age: Inquisition emphasizes romance and relationships. The Inquisitor has 8 potential love interests with their own stories, and several other characters he can flirt with, making the selection of a romantic partner challenging. A common complaint from players has been that if the Inquisitor becomes exclusive with one love interest, all other options for flirting disappear.

The Multiple Romance Dragon Age: Inquisition mods were developed by borglet to create a more realistic perspective on relationships. Mod Manager gives players the option of selecting the characters they want to flirt with in a game and adding them to the Mod Manager.

In such a case, not only is the player permitted to select a romantic partner, but they can also use the romance and flirt options simultaneously with the chosen character or characters.