Dropispy, Adspy, Minea : Comparison

Dropispy and Adspy

Are you interested in an e-commerce adventure?

Are you looking to start a successful online business that makes a living?

Dropispy and Adspy are crucial tools to succeed in an online sales company (e-commerce, dropshipping, affiliation, etc.). These are actually product search tools that help you identify products already on the market and that you can market to your online store.

These tools are indeed a time-saver for e-merchants. Unlike traditional product research methods, you won’t have to spend your time spying on your competitors.

These tools can take care of everything, which is why they are the best product search tools in 2022.

While the basic principle of operation is identical, the product finder tools offer different pricing, functionality, and handling options. It is difficult to make the right decision, especially when choosing the best.

This comparison guide will help you choose the right tool for your company.

1.         Dropispy

Dropispy is the most popular dropshipping tool since it entered the Adspy world. Dropispy’s algorithm searches Facebook from top-to-bottom to find all ads and stores them in their ad library.

Dropispy’s algorithm can handle any type of advertising, including product sales ads, training sales and event ads. Dropispy will show you the products of your competitors, regardless of your online sales model.

Dropispy currently collects only ads on Facebook. This is the first social network that advertisers can use to communicate their products.

Dropispy, unlike other product search tools we’ll see below, is extremely easy to use. To access the entire advertising library, you only need to log in to Dropispy.

Every day, more than 20000 ads are added. You can filter ads using the filters in the app so that only those ads that match a specific number of criteria are displayed.

Dropispy can be searched based on keywords or text in an ad. Dropshipping terms such as “Free shipping, free shipping, buy, buy now ” are common. These terms can be used in advertising research. You can also use the app to get more optimized results for your search.

In addition, Dropispy is also distinguished by its “Shop spy” tool which allows you to analyze competitor shops.

You don’t need to be overwhelmed by other tools when analyzing the marketing strategies of competitors.

It’s easy: Copy and paste the link to the competitor’s Dropispy store to obtain qualitative data. This information will help you choose the right product for you.

Dropispy’s price is the final criterion that sets it apart from its competitors. The cost of the various apps required to create an online store is usually high (on average, $100 per month). This can be a major obstacle for those who are just starting out and don’t have the financial means to pay.

Dropispy can be a great option for people who are looking to start an e-commerce business or dropshipping, but don’t have thousands of euros in capital. You can subscribe for as low as $30 per month, and have full access to all of the platform features mentioned above.

We recommend it to everyone who sells online.

 2.  Minea

Minea is also a popular product search tool that has more than 10,000,000 ads. This database is constantly updated.

Minea is a tool that helps you quickly launch your dropshipping business or e-commerce store. It also assists you with product research. The tool can spy on nearly all social networks (Facebook , Instagram, Tiktok and Snapchat ). It has a much larger advertising library. This is its greatest advantage over other Adspy tools.

This tool will help you save a lot of time when product research is done. Minea filters, like all other tools, allow you to filter by keyword or domain name, Facebook page, date that the ad was live, and many other options.

The Starter Subscription costs €49 per Month.

3.         Adspy

Adspy, one of the most popular product research tools available on the market, is Adspy. It works in the same way. Adspy also collects ads from Instagram.

Dropispy is easy to use. All you need to do is log in to the platform. This will give you access to an enormous database that contains all ads collected on social networks by Adspy’s algorithms.

Filter your results by keyword, customer type and number of likes. You can also filter the results by type of ad (photo or video) This tool is comprehensive and allows you to see all products on the market, as well as to determine which ones will work best with your marketing strategies.

It is expensive compared to other tools. Adspy is available for a monthly fee of $149. We are confident that Adspy is worth every penny, considering all its functionality.

This isn’t necessarily what we recommend, especially for those who are just starting out in online sales or don’t have the budget to spend a lot.

Dropispy offers the same features as Dropispy, but for less than $30 per month.


If you don’t have the right information, finding a dropshipping product that is a winner can be difficult. You won’t have to worry about product research if you use the tools in this article.

All adspy tools share the same operating principle, as you can see. There are differences in the extra features, such as analysis of competitor shops at Dropispy or the price at Adspy which is $149 versus $29 at Dropispy.

Dropispy is our recommendation for the best advertising tool. Dropispy offers a price advantage, easy use, and additional features.