Feeling down? Let this crying cat meme cheer up your life


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Memes and cats, it’s hard to find a better combination. Crying cat, a meme that was first generated in 2014, is becoming one of those classic memes that never truly dies off. It’s versatile, relatable, and of course, it’s a cat and a meme. 

This meme is mostly known for the photoshopped image of a white cat in front of a computer, but there’s many different versions which has helped the success of this meme. So if you’re feeling a bit down and out, let crying cat make you giggle.

Sad before, even sadder now

This used to be sad, now with the internet as our only means of socializing, this is just heartbreaking.

Oops – did it again

Computers probably think the invention of tabs was a bad idea.

A modern take on a classic

This used to be a germaphobe meme, now it’s mainstream.

A relic of the old times

It’s almost enough to make you miss it. No nevermind.

Those early morning Zoom calls

Time has lost all meaning to everyone, except the person who schedules work meetings.

Chinese food woes

You don’t need to feel bad- the rule of thumb is one utensil per food type, and everyone knows you can’t get just one type of food at a Chinese place. (Also what Chinese restaurant is giving you forks instead of chopsticks?)

The good and evil of salad

We’ve all been there. Pro tip: use butter lettuce instead of iceberg, it’s less sad tasting and actually has more nutrients.

How long can a cat go without water? Not long – and sometimes it feels like they can go even less time without a good meal!

A delicate constitution

We will become as jittery as a Victorian-era damsel– just watch.

Anybody there?

Guess it wasn’t that funny after all.


It’s like a comedian performing in an empty bar.