Firetruck game – What is it?


After the tragic murder of Sarah Everard in the UK, females have now been speaking on social networking about the struggles that females undergo on a regular basis. The Firetruck game has been identified by many females as a tricky harassment game that you shouldn’t agree to play and here’s why.

The “97 per cent” TikTok trend explained

The “97 per cent” trend is taking over TikTok spreading a substantial message across social media.

An investigation by UN Women UK released in March 2021, revealed that 97% of women aged 18-24 have now been sexually harassed, meaning that virtually all UK female population has experienced a questionnaire of sexual harassment.

The analysis also unearthed that over 96% of the women who have experienced sexual harassment, didn’t report it because they thought it won’t make any difference.

With the rise of the “97 per cent” trend on TikTok, a game that can be utilized to sexually harass women has been surfacing, named “ firetruck game.”

What’s the Firetruck game ?

The Fire Truck game is really a black-and-white 1978 arcade game , but nowadays it’s a different game.

The Firetruck game usually involves a lady and a man. The man asks whether he can enjoy with her the “ firetruck game ,” where he goes on to touch her body until she says “stop.”

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The worst part of the game is that whenever the female says “red light,” the man is supposed to express: “fire trucks don’t stop at red lights” and continue touching her without consent.

Why you shouldn’t play the Firetruck Game
Whilst the Firetruck game may seem an innocent little game at first, it may result in sexual harassment.

Female social networking users acknowledge the firetruck game as the earliest forms of sexual assault, inappropriately normalised in younger ages, especially in school years.

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Stop normalising the firetruck game. It isn’t a game , it’s dangerous and a questionnaire of sexual harassment.