Kate Spade’s Daughter: Frances Beatrix Spade – Net Worth, Family And More


Frances Beatrix Spade is the daughter of Andy and Kate Spade, the late fashion designer. Lt. Kate Spade who was a remarkable fashion designer, Frances Beatrix Spade is her only daughter. Kate Spade, the international brand name, has garnered worldwide acclaim. Not only that, but her brand also brought her a fortune in the millions. Kate Spade’s net worth is reported to be in the $200 million range. People have been anxious to learn more about Kate’s daughter Frances’ life after her demise.

Quick Info
Full Name:Frances Beatrix Spade
Birth Date:January 18, 2005
Age:16 years
Country:United States
Height:4 feet 7 inches (1.40m)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark brown
Body Size29-27-28 inches
Birth PlaceNew York, United States of America
GrandparentsJudith M. Spade, Earl Brosnahan Jr., Wayne M. Spade, June Therese Mullen
CousinHarper Spade
FatherAndy Spade
MotherKate Spade
InstagramFrances Beatrix Spade Instagram

Kate Spade’s Daughter: Frances Beatrix Spade

We will tell you everything about Frances Beatrix Spade on this page. Whether it’s her biography or her work, her education or her partner, her family or her business, Frances Valentine, on her name, so you need to browse till the end and you won’t be disappointed!

Frances Biography

In the entertainment and fashion industries, Frances Beatrix Spade is a relatively unknown name. On February 14th, 2005, Valentine’s Day, she was born. She isn’t well-liked in Hollywood. She is the only child of Kate and Andy Spade, an American fashion and entrepreneur couple. Her mother’s life revolved around her. Bea is her nickname. Her mother, on the other hand, sold millions of shares for her daughter, Bea. There isn’t much to say about a young girl like Bea in length. She is a student at a New York high school. Despite being a celebrity child, she is leading a normal life away from the spotlight. She is an overweight young lady who lives in California with her father and family. She was also featured in two famous Hollywood films – ‘The Pressure of Being Robbed’ and ‘The Black Balloon’.

What About Frances Career Life?

Since her birth, Frances has enjoyed the benefits of being a famous child. These advantages came not only from her parents but also from her acting profession. Yes! That’s correct. Frances Beatrix Spade is an actress that works professionally. She went on to play important roles in two Hollywood films, earning her international acclaim. “The Black Balloon” and “The Pressure of Being Robbed” are two of her films. Many of her followers are unaware that Bea’s father, Andy, has worked as a producer in the film industry for many years. In fact, he filmed both of Beatrix’s pictures.

What is Frances Spade Net Worth?

The only child of Lt. Kate Spade and Andy Spade, she is now a well-known figure around the world. Frances has amassed considerable wealth as a result of her films and the family business. Spade is said to have a net worth of over $200,000. The majority of this worth comes from her parents’ fashion business, “Frances Valentine,” which they founded in 2016.

Katherine Noel Brosnahan, better known as Kate Spade, has a net worth of $200 million. All of this originated purely from her fashion labels, “Kate Spade” and “Frances Valentine.” Kate and Andy founded these brands together in 1993 and 2016, respectively. In later years, the brand “Kate Spade” expanded into a variety of other fashion products, rather than being limited to handbags as it had been in the beginning. It includes items such as footwear, jewellery, home décor, and merchandise. 

How Did Frances Spade’s Mother Die?

Kate Spade’s staff discovered her dead at her apartment in 2018. Then it was revealed that she committed suicide by hanging. Police also revealed the note she left before her death. It was addressed to Frances Beatrix Spade, her daughter. Spade’s suicide note was discovered alongside her body, according to TMZ.

Andy Spade released a public statement after Kate Spade’s death, revealing that she had suffered from anxiety and depression for several years.

She was seeking medical and psychological help in order to heal. She was happy the night before she died. As a result, there was no sign that she might kill herself. The family was completely taken aback.

Andy Spade and Kate Spade were also shown to have been living separately yet near each other for ten months prior to her death. They were not, however, formally separated. When Frances Spade’s mother committed suicide, she was 13 years old and living with both of her parents.

Interesting Facts about Frances Beatrix Spade & Family:

  • The real name of Frances’ mother isn’t Kate Spade. Katherine Noel Brosnahan is her name.
  • Kate Spade, the world-famous fashion designer, began her career as a journalist at the University of Kansas. She even had journalism as one of her majors. Frances’ mother worked in a clothing business before becoming a journalist. Andy Spade, her husband, met her there.
  • Kate’s mother did not approve of the couple till they get married.
  • Andy chose the name for their company. Dolce & Gabbana was the inspiration behind it. Kate derives from Katherine’s nickname Kate, and Spade comes from Andy’s name in the brand name Kate Spade. Kate officially changed her name from Brosnahan to Spade. Kate changed her name not once, but twice: first as Kate Spade and then as Kate Frances Valentine.
  • Her mother surrendered her interest in “Kate Spade” to spend and raise Frances. Liz Claiborne assumed control of “Kate Spade” at that time. Liz Claiborne is a fashion powerhouse with more than 40 different brands.
  • At the age of five, Frances began working as an actor in Hollywood films. Since 2016, Frances Beatrix has had a fashion label named “Frances Valentine.” Kate founded this company ten years after leaving “Kate Spade.”
  • The origins of the name “Frances Valentine” can be traced back to Kate’s relatives, who used the name, Frances. She was eager to put it to use. Her daughter, Frances Beatrix, was born on February 14th, and her father’s middle name was Valentine. As a result, the name “Frances Valentine” was coined.
  • Kate committed suicide in commemoration of her daughter Frances Beatrix. Kate committed suicide when Bea was 13 years old.
  • The fashion industry’s Spade family had extensive familial ties to Hollywood stars like Rachel Brosnahan and David Spade.


Frances Spade has the potential to be a fantastic actress. She is for now concentrating on her education.