Get your nerd on and roll a natural 20 with these DnD memes


If you’ve ever been in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, you will find these memes relatable. From the bard lusting after everything that moves in an encounter to not ending on time, these DnD memes are sure to bring up some nerdy nostalgia. Here are the ones we loved the most. 

Cantrips exist for a reason

If you’ve ever played a warlock, you know you don’t have unlimited cosmic power. Use your spell slots wisely and save the big guns for the BBEG (big bad evil guy, for those not in the know). 

Multiclass, anyone? 

There’s always that one guy who wants to pick up enough skills to be a bard-fighter-alchemist-archer. Will the DM (Dungeon Master) let them? 

That one guy

While everyone else is reeling from damage and waiting for the healer, someone rolls evade and is completely fine. Both the BBEG and the DM can relate to this meme. 

The DM who likes a good story

We’ve been in campaigns where this gets old. After a while, we just roll initiative and fight whatever suspiciously nice character out DM throws our way, even little grannies. Too many turned out to be demons in disguise. 

When your character dies

We’ve spent hours crafting our perfect character. Then, our pride & joy gets killed by the BBEG and the DM won’t let us resurrect him. Oh well, maybe the new one will be better. 

Did you ever make that character? 

You know a gnome barbarian will seem to be a disadvantage, but it’s super fun to successfully intimidate NPCs in a squeaky voice. 

PCs, am I right? 

The DM spent hours making an intriguing game. Now, the bard is off in the woods trying to seduce a groundhog and the fighter is clobbering the rogue for trying to steal his cloak. 


Since PCs usually make their backstories separately, fitting them all together is really satisfying for a DM. 

There’s always that one ranged fighter

Why did my hit points go down? Thanks for the friendly fire, Ranger! 

Giving up on names

We were in a campaign where an NPC’s name was Xyz. No joke, the DM just gave up.  

Scheduling issues

First, we met on Sundays. Then, the monk had a family reunion so we moved it to Thursdays. Now, Tim the Wizard is out sick and we have no idea when we’re meeting. 

It’s always the nice ones

The smallest, shiest guy in real life is the one who breaks out the half-orc barbarian with the skull-decorated great ax. 

DnD never ends on time

We were supposed to end at ten. What time is it? It’s quarter to midnight. 

We love DnD 

We never get tired of the horny bards and edgelord rogues we play with.