Grupo Firme: Who is Johnny Caz Gay Partner? Boyfriend Age DIfference

grupo firme gay member

A member of Grupo Firme, Johnny Caz, is happy with his gay partner Jonathan Bencomo. Let’s dig in to find more about his partner and age.

Johnny Caz is a well-known musical artist who is primarily recognized as one of the members of the famous musical group Grupo Firme. Also, he is an active TikTok user who shares lip-sync videos, concert and performance clips.

Furthermore, Caz got more into the spotlight with Grupo Firme when their YouTube cover of Edén Muñoz’s El Amor No Fue Pa Mi was uploaded in April 2019.

Meanwhile, Caz is the second lead vocalist of the renowned musical band Grupo Firme. Moreover, Johnny has been associated with Grupo Firme for many years and has performed in numerous stages.

On the other hand, he got more into fame when Caz confessed his sexuality. About a year ago, Caz’s sexual preferences were made known on Grupo Firme’s social networks.

His brother, Eduin Caz, also stated that his family and the musicians knew that Jhonny was gay. 

Grupo Firme: Who is Johnny Caz Gay Partner Or Boyfriend?

Grupo Firme member Johnny Caz is in a romantic relationship with his partner Jonathan Bencomo. The romantic duo has been cherishing their life for five years and is happy to get each other.

Together the duo has explored different places, and they often share photos on their networking sites. Meanwhile, Bencomo is reportedly from Chihuahua, Chihuahua.

The pair’s bond seems to be going from strength to strength. Apart from that, Johnny is an LGBTQ activist and is proud to be gay. In an Instagram post, Caz had mentioned his sexuality.

Johnny Caz And Boyfriend Jonathan Bencomo Age Difference

Johnny Caz and his boyfriend, Jonathan Bencomo, are both 29 years old. So, they are of the same age group. Besides, Caz was born in Mexico on February 21, 1992.

But Jonathan’s date of birth is still not published. So, we are unknown when he celebrates his birthday. Meanwhile, the couple is having a good moment, and they have appeared together in concerts, trips, outings, etc.

Johnny Caz Wikipedia Explored

Johnny Caz has not been featured on Wikipedia, but we can expect to get a profile soon. Further, Caz s the brother of Eduin Cazares, a famous musician.

Eduin is recognized for having released popular singles like El Tóxico, Yo Ya No Vuelvo Contigo and El Amor No Fue Pa´ Mi. Moreover, we can find Caz on Instagram as @jhonny_caz.

He has collected more than 729k followers, from where Caz shares his daily updates on his Instagram account.

How Much Is Johnny Caz Net Worth In 2021?

Johnny Caz has a decent net worth of around $100,000 to $500,000. He has not disclosed his income details, but there is no doubt that Caz is making a good sum of money as a musician.

Together with his band, Caz has performed in numerous concerts or programs from where he might have received some profit.