How do you celebrate holidays in virtually?


    In the next few months, businesses are going to be busy closing the books for 2021. But does this mean the last quarter is going to be all work and no play? Event planners are trying to scramble something together for their corporate holiday events for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and the new year, but it comes down to two things: Should we do in-person events or virtual events?

    No matter the size of your business or audience, virtual magic shows with Harrison Kramer are still happening and are entertaining crowds from all over the world. With COVID-19 still around, you won’t want to miss this virtual magic experience that everyone is talking about. Here’s what you should know about the world-class Zoom performer Harrison Kramer and why you should experience one of his shows this winter season.

    Everyone Is Talking About Virtual Magic Shows As Their Preferred Online Entertainment
    A virtual magic show is different from other virtual entertainment out there. You may have seen virtual wine tasting, games or comedy acts, but the problem with these types of events is that they’re played out and boring. You can predict a comedy act or how a virtual game will end.

    Everyone is talking about how much Zoom fatigue they have from these types of events because these entertainers don’t know how to engage or motivate employees. On the other hand, virtual magic shows with the right magician will blow any other type of entertainer or event out of the water.

    Why? Because magicians were the first entertainers to adapt to the virtual landscape when COVID-19 began. In fact, they’re now considered experts in telecommunications. Unlike an ordinary person, they learned the ins and outs of virtual platforms like Zoom and how to host the perfect event.

    A Virtual Magician Will Guide You Through Your Holiday Parties
    Getting festive this winter? There are a bunch of holiday themed ideas that can make the show even spookier, thankful or joyful. Whether you are celebrating an employee’s anniversary, doing a team-building exercise, or hosting a fourth quarter holiday party, Harrison will make your event personable while keeping everyone connected and interactive with one another.

    He’s the perfect corporate party ice breaker and will help guide you through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, New Years and all the other holidays this winter.

    Experience Unpredictable Magic And Mind Bending Entertainment
    “And for my next magic trick”.

    Bring your own deck of cards, a dollar, your phone and a coin and expect the unexpected. You won’t believe your eyes when Harrison toggles between your camera, his camera and everyone else’s during the show. And, don’t think you’ll just sit there and watch. You’ll also be a part of his next virtual magic trick or mentalism act.

    Harrison always delivers a world-class experience like no other.

    A Virtual Magic Show With Harrison Kramer Is More Valuable Than An In Person Event
    Organizations that are outsourcing or including partners across the globe can use virtual events to network easier or include them in a holiday themed party. Virtual events when done right are more interactive than an in-person live event. The experience may be different, but you’ll be able to include more people in a virtual magic experience than you would at some gala where there might be too many distractions.

    A virtual magician like Harrison Kramer knows how to keep the wheels spinning when it comes to creativity, emceeing an event or navigating through virtual technology to make the event successful. A magician is the ideal host and facilitator, especially for the upcoming winter holidays.

    Need Virtual Event Ideas For The Holidays This Winter?
    Lucky for you, virtual event planning is easier than live in-person event planning. It can also save businesses money to host an event or find a suitable location with multiple entertainers.

    Virtual event planning makes it easier to include more people from all over the world. With an entertainer like Harrison Kramer who dominates the Zoom platform with his virtual magic experiences, you can expect an awesome end of the year turn out that you’ll remember next year.

    If you’re looking for a corporate virtual magic show for your next corporate end of the year holiday event, team building exercise, birthday party, or private event, you can contact Harrison at