How much does Dominique Sachse make a year?


Dominique Sachse Salary

From her successful journalism career, Sachse earns an annual salary of $500,000.

Accordingly, Who is Dominique Sachse husband?

Dominique Sachse Husband

She is married to the love of her life, her one and only husband called Nick Florescu. Nick was born on October 31, 1953, in the United States of America. He of is Romanian ancestry.

Moreover, What is Frank Billingsley salary?

Frank Billingsley Salary

He works as a meteorologist at KPRC, he, therefore, receives a satisfactory salary. Frank’s average salary is $75,424 per year.

Also What is Dominique Sachse husband worth?

Nick Florescu, has a net worth of $15 million as of 2019. An influential business figure, Nick is both the founder and president of Centrade USA, Inc.

Does Frank Billingsley have cancer?

Chief meteorologist Frank Billingsley was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. He kept all of us informed every step of the way with his treatments. On Friday, we have good news about Billingsley’s prognosis and how his treatment journey will help many other men. Prostate cancer affects one in nine men.

How much does Courtney Zavala make?

Courtney Zavala Salary

Her Salary is could be around $ 75,000-200,000.

Where is Dominique Sachse from?

Dominique was born on the 11th June 1968, in London, England, and is a journalist, television host and news anchor, who has been working for the NBC affiliate television station KPRC-TV Channel 2 in Houston Texas, since 1994.

What is Lauren Freeman salary?

Lauren Freeman Salary

Her income mainly comes from the job she does as an anchor at KPRC TV. Lauren’s average salary is $69,524 per year.

What does Nick Sachse do?

However, it wasn’t his career that brought him to prominence, but his marriage to famed journalist Dominique Sachse. When it became official, Nick’s name began appearing in the media more often, and everybody wanted to find out who he is and what does he does for a living. Well, Nick is a successful businessman.

What is Britta Merwin salary?

Britta joined KPRC Channel 2 in 2014 and has been working as a meteorologist for the morning show, News Today, based in Houston, Texas, ever since. Her salary as a KPRC Channel 2 approximately ranges from $51K to $83K.

Where did Frank Billingsley go to college?

Frank Billingsley Education

He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from graduating in journalism from Washington and Lee University. Frank got a certificate in broadcast meteorology from Mississippi State.

What kind of surgery did Frank Billingsley have?

Billingsley, who has been with Houston’s Channel 2 since 1995, made the announcement Wednesday evening on Facebook. The post reads: “GOOD NEWS: Last Friday’s MRI following my gold nanoparticle procedure for prostate cancer came back this evening as Cancer Free!

How long has Frank Billingsley been Channel 2?

Get 2 Know Me

Houston has been home since April 22, 1989. People say they’ve watched me their whole life, and if they’re under 30, that’s actually true! I’ve been with Kevin Gilliard since 1995 and married since 12/12/12 (we picked that date so I could remember it).

Is Courtney Zavala pregnant?

Courtney Zavala is now a mother of two! She’s the third of our five pregnant anchors to give birth. Daniella Guzman and Rachel McNeill are due within 10 days of each other in June!

How much does Owen conflenti make?

Owen Conflenti Salary

Owen’s estimated salary is around $90,182 dollars annually.

Where is Derrick on Houston life?

He currently hosts the LIVE, one hour daytime talk/lifestyle show “Houston Life” weekdays on KPRC, Houston’s NBC affiliate. Previously he reported for KCET’s news magazine “SoCal Connected” in Los Angeles.

Is Mia Gradney married?

Mia Gradney Husband

She is married to her wonderful husband, Troy C Clendenin. The pair tied the knot on November 10, 2001, in Harris County, Texas. Mia and her husband share a child, Avery who was born in 2007.

What products does Dominique Sachse use?

Hair Products Dominique Sachse Loves

  • FibreFlex hair spray.
  • Balance shampoo (impurity cleanser)
  • Recover conditioner.
  • QuickFix leave in conditioner.

What happened Courtney Zavala?

Courtney works as an anchor and reporter at KPRC-TV at the Houston NBC affiliate. She joined the station in 2013 and anchors the KPRC news every weekend morning. … Currently, Courtney works as a co-host together with Derrick Shore at Houston Life TV on KPRC.

Where did Dominique Sachse go to college?

I attended Richmond College in Richmond, England, for my first semester of college, and then attended the University of Houston. The University of Houston, my alma mater, has since named me “Outstanding Young Communications Alumna” and “Distinguished Alumni.”

What is Britta Merwin net worth?

Britta Merwin Net Worth

Merwin has an estimated net worth of between $1 Million-$5 Million which she has earned through her career as a meteorologist.

What is Lauren Freeman salary?

Lauren’s average salary is $69,524 per year.

How much does Owen conflenti make?

Owen’s estimated salary is around $90,182 dollars annually.

How old is khambrel Marshall?

Khambrel Marshall Age

Khambrel was born on December 17, 1952, in Monterey California, United States. He is 68 years old.