How To Active Employee Webe?


    ACCESSING PAY STUBS via the new web portal

    1) Go to and click on PRISMHR LOG-IN in the upper right corner (or type into a web browser).

    2) The following screen will appear. (You can bookmark this page if desired.) Enter your existing EMPLOYEE username and password.

    If you have not changed your login from the default settings, your username is your SSN with the dashes and your password is the last four digits of your SSN.

    3) Your personal dashboard will appear, divided into four quadrants:

     ͞Myself͟ contains a summary of your personal information

     ͞Time Reporting͟ contains details of any paid time off balances

     ͞Benefits͟ contains a summary of your benefits coverages

     ͞Payroll͟ contains links to your payroll details

    4) Click the ͞Payroll͟ tile, and then select ͞Check History to see a list of recent paychecks. The most recent will be at the top of the list.

    5) Click any line to see further details about that particular check. There are several tabs that can be reviewed on this screen.

    6) In order to print an official pay stub in PDF format, click the ͞Reprint CheĐk Stuď͟ button at the bottom. It may take a minute or so for the pay stub to generate.

    7) You can return to the main dashboard at any time by clicking the Servant HR logo in the top left corner.

    Employee Web Registration Instructions
    Go to the PRISM HR Site
    Click the Register button on the bottom right.


    1. Complete the information below.

    a. Last Name
    b. Social Security Number
    c. Create a Username
    d. Create and Confirm Password
    e. Click Register