How To Create an USA Verified Gmail Account


We all know that Gmail is a mail service which was created by Google . Through Gmail, users can send and receive messages.  They can also send attachments like a file or a document. The Gmail service is well known in terms of mail works.. 

Whether you are in Bangladesh, Nigeria, Japan, South Africa, Canada or whichever country you’re currently residing in, Gmail is accessible from all parts of the world. If an account is created in the USA , it can be used to send and receive information from any part of the world.

How to Create An USA Gmail Account On Your Laptop or Desktop

To create an account, first visit Google’s sign up page through your browser .

Then, type your name, username, and password on the sign up form.  Then retype the password in the confirm password box. It is because it will make sure you do not make any mistake while creating the password. 

Tap the Next button. Then your next step is to ensure that the username you chose for yourself that is not taken.   The dot beside the username box will turn red if the name is already taken. Keep on trying new names until it turns green. Then tap the Next button on the page.

Put your birthdate and gender. Google needs all their account users to be at least 13 years old. This doesn’t apply for all countries but for American people only. If a user wants to use a credit card, it requires the person to be at least 18 years old.

You can put in your phone number or backup email.  It’s good because it will be used to verify your identity and make sure that you can access your account If you lose your password.

Tap the Next button again. Google will present their terms and conditions and also place their privacy policies. Tap the I AGREE button and voila! Congrats, you have created your own Google account! And also,your own Gmail account. You can now go to your Gmail app and login with your Google account.

Can You Create Enough Account Though?

Can you always create a new account every time you need one? Google doesn’t allow one to create more than one account using one phone number. Then what can you do? Gmail accounts are a much needed tool in offices and other workplaces. It’s a great and easy way to communicate with your clients. 

What you can do is buy PVA accountsGmail PVA accounts are very useful. You can buy Gmail PVA accounts from PVA agents. Gmail Phone Verified Accounts can be used in many different ways. It will help you grow your business.

Why Are We Suggesting PVA Accounts?

Google needs verifications for flawless usage. So you must use only verified Gmail accounts for your business. However, it’s not possible to phone-verify dozens and hundreds of accounts! Your only way out is to buy Gmail accounts that are already verified with phone numbers.

Using PVA services, you can buy old Gmail accounts. Accounts that Google will ban soon. If you buy those accounts, you can incorporate the accounts and get into work without worrying about verifications. There are a lot of PVA service providers. You can buy Gmail accounts in bulk from various PVA agents. They’ll give you accounts that are old and USA verified.

What You Get From Buying PVA Accounts

Different Phone Numbers

PVA service providers use different phone numbers for each of the Gmail accounts. When you want to get USA based Gmail accounts, they give you the accounts that are verified with numbers from the USA. As a result, you get all verified accounts that have separate numbers eliminating the possibility of needing verifying again.

Full Access

When you buy Gmail accounts, you get full access to it. The PVA agents possess nothing on that. You can change the phone number, add new backup mails and even customize the account as you want.

Aged USA Accounts

PVA service providers make sure that all the Gmail accounts are verified with USA IP address, names, and phone numbers. So you’ll get Gmail accounts that are old. It ensures that you won’t get in trouble in future.

Replacement Support

If you find any of the Gmail accounts that you bought from a PVA agent, they are obliged to replace that. As soon as you make a complaint, they’ll replace that with another functional one.
We tried to enlighten you readers as much as possible about the ways you can get an USA verified Gmail account. If you have any questions or any other topic you’d like us to cover, you can always comment below.