Do you have sciatica? Are you confused about doing any surgery for treatment or not? Then you are in the right place.

Sciatica permanent treatment completely depends on your situation. If the condition is not that bad, then you can reverse it by doing some simple lifestyle changes. Do you want to know how to relieve sciatica pain with home exercises and remedies? Then this article is here to save you.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a nerve condition that causes shooting pain in the lower back. The generated pain generally starts from the back and runs through the buttock.

In some cases, the sufferer can feel the pain flowing down to the feet. People who have some issues with their sciatic nerve might face this pain as a symptom.

If the pain is mild, then you’ll see signs of sciatica improving after 4 to 8 weeks. So, you will not need any medical help.

But in severe pain or bad cases, it can cause serious trouble to your health. That’s why consulting a specialist doctor should always be the first thing to do.

Symptoms of Sciatica:

To exactly know if you have sciatica or not, you have to look for the symptoms. There are so many symptoms that indicate a problem in your sciatic nerve. Here are some:

  1. You will feel an irritating burning sensation through your buttocks to the end of the leg.
  2. You may face trouble moving or totally can’t do any movement.
  3. You won’t have that much bowel and bladder control.
  4. Sciatic nerve located places like legs, lower back, and buttocks can be numb or weak.
  5. You may face the needles poking feeling in your feet.

Who is Prone to Sciatica?

If you are more likely to have sciatica because of lifestyle factors, incidents. Then you should search what is the fastest way to cure sciatica.

Nowadays the ratio of people getting diagnosed with sciatica is so high. Some risk factors can lead to the symptom. Let’s know about it:


Experience of injuries in the lower back and spine can lead to sciatic nerve damage.

Lifestyle and jobs:

Lethargic lifestyle and inactivity can damage and create this symptom. So corporate workers who have to sit for hours are more likely to have sciatica.


Our spine has to lift our body weight like a crane. So, heavyweight can disturb the function of spinal tissue. Not only obese people but also pregnant women Because of their body weight can be in that raider.

Over physical activity:

Excessive physical activities also fall into the risk factors of sciatica. You are generating chances of having it by exercising without proper warm-up or lifting extra heavyweights.


Smoking habit affects your nervous system and spinal tissue. So, the bones can be very weak and damage the vertebral disk. That’s what triggers sciatica.

Weak core:

If your core strength is poor, then you are prone to sciatica. Because a strong core gives the lower back good support. Thus, weak core can create unbearable sciatica pain


People with diabetes are at a great risk of having sciatica. Because the high blood sugar levels in diabetic patients can damage the nervous system of your body.

Causes of sciatica pain:

Inflammation, irritating, and that pain can affect your daily life easily. So, you have to know the main reason behind having this sciatica that is a symptom of lower back or leg problems.

  1. Due to the pressure on the nerve created by slip disks, people suffer from sciatica.
  2. Injuries on the sciatic nerve
  3. A lumber spinal canal tumor can be a cause of sciatica pain.
  4. When we age our bones get weaker and the spine couldn’t manage the weight well.
  5. Having any degenerate disk disease can promote wear out of vertebrae disk.
  6. One of the causes of sciatic nerve compression can be spinal stenosis. This limitation of the spinal canal creates supressed situation for the spinal cord.
  7. Poor posture can also cause serious sciatic pain.

Treatments to cure sciatica:

Treating sciatica depends on how bad the conditions are. The best idea would be to take advice from a doctor about how to cure sciatica permanently.

Instant relief for sciatica:

At the time of that shooting pain down in your lower back, you would probably want some quick solution like sciatica relief in 8 min. Here are some quick solutions to calm down the pain:

Hot and cold packs:

You can apply both hot and cold packs to calm down the burning sensation within the minimum possible time. You can pick any treatment depending on the situation.

For applying cold packs take an ice pack to deal with inflammation. Make it sit on those places for 15 to 20 minutes where you have pain.

Another way of doing it is to freeze some water on a paper cup. Then cut the bottom down and start rubbing in the circular motion in 6 inches diameter area.

Do the ice pack in a loop. After every 20 minutes take a break then restart the pain relief procedure with ice to see the best result.

For treating it with a hot pack. You have to simply keep the hot bag in that place for a certain period. Don’t put that for longer than 2 hours.

Keep an eye on the temperature. Don’t burn yourself with overheat. Consider doing it serval times a day to see actual improvement.


Light stretching is that one movement for instant sciatica pain relief, as it’ll help to increase the blood flow in the lower back, buttocks, and legs.

A therapist would recommend some stretches like Knees to chest or shoulder, seated hip stretch, standing hamstring stretch for the pain. Do it under expert’s supervision.


Taking the right medication and proper experts’ advice can do the work faster than any remedies and DIYs. So, consult a doctor for the best advice.

They might suggest some muscle relaxants, pain killers, and anti-inflammatory medicine for curing the pain. You can ask for the best cream for sciatica pain also for a faster result.

If you want immediate relief for sciatica pain at home, then you should not mess up with these things. Follow all the things correctly.

Permanent Treatment to cure sciatica:

Are you worried because the sciatica pain keeps coming back? Then Don’t worry as it is permanently curable.

This sciatica symptom can come back and cause you trouble during your day-to-day jobs. So knowing the permanent treatment is very important.


In acute sciatica, people witness better results with some self-care and movements. It’ll take not more than 30 to 50 days.

If the pain is getting bad and stretching and medicines are not working, then surgery is the only option. Because your bladder and bowels will get out of control.

They will perform it within one year of continuing symptoms. Removing the pressure from the nerve to prevent stress from the spine is the main focus of this surgery.

To know more about surgeries, search, “How to cure sciatica permanently surgery?” Let’s know the main two types of it.


For the removal of slip disk fragments, this would be a minimally invasive surgery for curing sciatica. That’s why the recovery time will be less.


The lamina generates pressure in the sciatic nerve. That’s why this procedure is done by removing the spinal canal root called the lamina.


Prescribed medicine can help to keep the muscles relax. That’s why by taking proper medication, sciatica can be cured permanently without any operation.

Therapy and workouts:

You can heal sciatica permanently by taking the help of physiotherapy. These therapies can have sciatica pain relief exercises to get rid of it completely.

These therapies contain physical movement like walking, stretching, swimming. If you want to reverse sciatica, then do aerobatics daily.

Acupuncture and massages:

Nowadays acupuncturing is widely popular to cure all kinds of health problems. Some pressure points related to the sciatic nerve are being compressed to get rid of the pain.


Yoga can do wonders for any kind of body issue, as it strengthens the core. Yoga will correct your posture to cure sciatica.


It’s an alternative therapy to work with the structure of the body. A professional chiropractor can correct the position of your spine without any operation or medication.

Can sciatica be cured permanently?

If you are wondering, “Is sciatica permanently curable?” Then you will be glad to know that inflammation and burning secession gradually decreases.

In normal conditions, you will start to notice the improvement sign automatically within 4 to 6 weeks. But you need proper medication and exercise to get rid of sciatica forever.


Sciatica pain can affect your daily life routine a lot. Simple movements like bending down and walking would be difficult for you because of that.

Always consider a doctor first to lower the risk and avoid going under operation lights. Don’t end up making the situation worse with the wrong treatment.

But by doing some simple stretching and therapies you can reduce the inflammation and pain. I hope, you will get benefits from this article. Thank you.