How to Find Sticky Seaweed?


The Order dailies are their own extraordinary image of irritating, what with staging starfish and restricted generates, yet the Sticky Seaweed has been a specific mark of disappointment.

Sticky Seaweed is one of the prerequisites for the different Demand dailies, regardless of whether it’s simply gathering a solitary example to oblige gathering one of each asset for Requisition: We Need Everything, or attempting to discover five for Requisition: More Seaweed. Snowstorm hotfixed the Demand journeys to include targets the guide and also hotfixed in more abundant Seaweed spawns —both assistance with the Order missions, yet they’re actually irritating to do. Fortunately we have approaches to make them somewhat less irritating.

Most importantly, it helps when you go to the correct spot. The most ample region for Sticky Seaweed is at the southern end of Nazjatar, beneath Newhome and Mezzamere, situated around the Lances of Azshara. This is the place where a ton of Naga are assembled and where the water basic World Mission is. The patches of Sticky Seaweed can be elusive in light of the fact that they either mix in with the ground, are clouded by encompassing grass, or are stowing away under rocks or water. At the point when you do discover one, you’ll notice it would appear that a tangled fix of kelp on the ground.

These are definitely not a straightforward “click and go” assortment like different assets — any individual who invested energy in the ranch in Mists of Pandaria will recollect the weed mechanics. Sticky Seaweed works by tapping the featured fix on the ground to snatch a plant, and fleeing from it until the plant breaks.

Presently, the deterrent that numerous players face: essentially discovering the patches of seaweed to gather them. You may struggle if there are a ton of players around, because of the way that the seaweed must be gathered by one individual — whoever taps on the fix and breaks the plant first. Notwithstanding, there are techniques that definitely assist with that, as recommended by the accommodating Wowhead analysts.

Tips and Tricks to getting Sticky Seaweed all the more without any problem

sticky seaweed nazjatar
sticky seaweed nazjatar

A fundamental focusing on large scale is the least complex way. You can spam it as you’re going near, and it will focus on any seaweed patches in range. You’ll have to have target symbols turned on your minimap to see where you’re focusing on. The large scale is particularly helpful on the grounds that it will track down the disastrous clusters that are covering up under rocks and foliage or at the lower part of pools.


You can likewise add strike markers by adding a content to the full scale. It will consequently check the clusters with an attack symbol to make them simpler to see. Simply change the number to change the marker (at present set for the skull).


One contemplative analyst posted the coordinates of each and every seaweed spawn area. They will not all be up, however it tells you precisely where patches will be. In the event that you have an addon like Paste, you can glue every one of the directions in to make waypoints for the produces in TomTom.

These specific strategies are valuable in light of the fact that the Sticky Seaweed is novel in that it tends to be focused on. Lamentably the other Demand asset things can’t. Your smartest choice in case you’re experiencing difficulty discovering any of those is gazing every one upward on Wowhead and searching for the organize records in the remarks.

  • Holy messenger Scale Starfish (or map)
  • Fallen Kelp Bud
  • Harmful Winding Leaf (or map)
  • Invulnerable Cone Shell
  • Heap of Debris
  • Deepcoral Bud

Since the solitary explanation anybody would do these journeys is to acquire more rep to acquire the capacity to fly a minimal quicker, make certain to visit our guide to maximizing your standing increases in Nazjatar and Mechagon. The quicker you acquire rep, the less you need to walk around gathering ocean rubbish.