How to Lose Weight or Obesity?


Do not call a patient “Obese”. Label him/her as overweight

The key to loss of weight lies in burning the calories you consume.

Obesity :

Therefore, the patient needs to be able to count the calories they consume and the calories consumed, and to maintain the balance throughout the day.

Calculating the calories consumed

The amount of calories you consume can be determined by looking at the table on the following page. Be aware of the calorie content of each food item you consume and mentally add it up while you consume food. Estimate your current intake of calories and establish a goal.

There are two key factors to consider when trying to reduce weight.

First, evaluate the amount of work required to consume an item. Eg,

Two Jilebis or the Sada Dosa provide 200 calories, and it takes 45 minutes of walk to take them in. Your workout routine could be destroyed and overcome within a matter of seconds with a snack that is calorie-rich.

Second, there is a limitation to a person’s the amount of exercise they can do in a day . A normal person can’t exercise or run simultaneously for longer then 30 mins .so the person can only burn less than 300 calories from exercising every day! It is important to remember the food you consume and how many calories you burn during the day are vital.

Burning calories:

Average ConsumptionAdult Male (60 Kg)Adult female (50 kg)
Light work (Sedentary)16001400
Heavy work (Laborer)26002200
  • Half an hour of walking -130 calories
  • 1 hour of jogging, 300-350 calories
  • or or
  • 1/2 hour of light , -50 calories
  • Writing is a type of activity.
  • taking half an hour of swimming is equivalent to 250 calories

. 1 hour of cycling 150 calories

V. hour of aerobic exercise 250 calories

1 hr without exercise or rest. -60 calories

The person loses their calories over the course of a day. 1600 calories with no you need to consume more calories to get being overweight.

Keep the workout enjoyable 45 minutes of walking every day early in the day is your ideal and most advised exercise. A stationary bike could be set up near the television to ensure that you don’t be bored.

Tips for eating:how to lose weight?

For a start, we should know the different kinds of food that are available. Fasting isn’t the best way to lose weight , however intermittent fasting is a good option to lose weight.

What should you avoid eating?

Avoid milkbutter, ghee cream, cheese. The amount of oil should be minimal.

Avoid deep-fried foods such as Puries. Bhujees, Potato chips, etc Avoid potatoes, sweet potatoes, beet,

nuts, yam. Avoid fruits that have sweet pulp, such as Bananas, Mango, Chickoos, and

Grapes Avoid chocolates, cakes, pastries, ice creams, jams.

What foods should you eat?

Large quantities of soup can be the first dish you eat and then followed by a large amount of salads you’ve cooked

With green vegetables . This will stop you from having to eat more portions of meals. Drink plenty of fluids, and dilute buttermilk. Do not eat rice (Don’t more than half of a wati) Have phulkas or rotis with no oily ingredients. The amount should be around one-third of the normal food intake of the person, however, not more than 2 roties.

The Bhaji portions are to be prepared using Green leaves, leafy veggies, cauliflower, lady’s fingers, radish turnips and sprouted pulses. The dishes should be prepared with no or minimal oil. Oil could be substituted with gravy made of onion, tomato garlic and ginger to taste , Sabji and fried vegetables.

To prepare for Tiffin Take the fruit as well as vegetables and low-fat (skimmed) milk. The black tea that is sugar-free contains no calories. You can use Sugarfree (Aspartame) in place of sugar in coffee, tea or milk.

Establish healthy eating habits:

A big meal is not recommended for a daily meal because it causes overeating due to hunger.You must eat snacks between. It is recommended to have a nutritious breakfast and light dinner and lunch. However, you should do not eat between meals.

Take your time eating, and chew each bite with care, this helps to digest your food faster.

It is not recommended to eat the leftovers from food ..Use nonstick cooking equipment for cooking to minimize oil.