If you feel sleepy while meditating, this is how you do it


If we involve Yog and Dhyan in our lives to stay healthy and healthy, then we will benefit a lot. Meditation can not only calm the mind, but also help heal many mental and psychological problems. If you are suffering from stress, depression, fatigue, and restlessness, you should practice meditation at least once a day. Sometimes people cannot practice meditation. First of all, it is difficult to concentrate in a busy life. Second, when a person tries to meditate, they start to feel sleepy. Therefore, you can do something to avoid feeling sleepy during meditation.

It is normal for a person to feel sleepy while meditating, and certain tips should be followed.

To avoid prolonged meditation, you must train your brain well, interrupt your meditation, and start meditation in small groups of five to ten minutes.

When you are good at meditating in a small trough, your brain will learn to adjust itself in this habit.

Avoid meditating after meals, as this can cause you to feel sleepy.

Try to feel a good thing happening inside you while meditating. You can do breathing exercises to concentrate.

To stay active, you can play light music. Always meditate in an open place, because the cool air flowing around you and natural sounds keep your mind alert and you feel better.

Meditation is always desirable, but in these times, when everyone is panicked by the new coronavirus, it becomes even more important to keep people calm.