Ilhan Omar Bio, Family, Career, Spouse and Net Worth


Ilhan Abdullahi Omar is a well-known politician who is performing her service as U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district from 2019. She belongs to Democratic–farmer-labour Party. From 2017 to 2019 she served in Minnesota House of Representatives. Her congressional district contains Minneapolis and other suburbs. She is an advocate for a living wage, affordable housing, healthcare, and student loan debt forgiveness. Also, she has received a lot of death threats and harassment from political opponents. Ilhan Omar age is thirty-eight. Know all the details about Ilhan Omar here.

Background information

The birthplace of Ilhan Omar is Mogadishu, Somalia and her birth date is October 4, 1982. Then she spent her childhood in Baidoa, Somalia. She is the youngest of all the siblings in her family. The name of her father is Nur Omar Mohamed who served as a colonel in the Somali Army. Her mother’s name is Fadhuma Abukar Haji Hussein who lost her life when Omar was just two. She comes from a Sunni Muslim family.

Her family received asylum in the US and settled in the country in 1995. Finally, they began their lives in Minneapolis. Omar became a citizen of the US in 2000 at the age of seventeen. She went to Thomas Edison High School and then graduated from North Dakota State University. Her majors were political science and international studies.


– Early career

Omar began her career as a nutrition educator at Minnesota University. On 2013 she managed the campaign of Andrew Johnson in the Minneapolis City Council. Then in 2015, she became the director of initiatives of women organising network. A newspaper called her a rising star.

– House of representatives

On 2018 Omar decided to run for United States House of Representatives. Ilhan Omar election results showed that she has won with 48.2% of the vote. The fifth district in Minnesota is one of the most democratic. She became the first woman of colour to serve in Minnesota as US representative. On 2020 she won with 57.4% where she faced four candidates in the elections.

One time Omar got targeted by Donald Trump that Ilhan Omar married her brother and came to the US illegally. She is one of the many women representatives in the US attacked by Trump verbally. She posts about the developments in Ilhan Omar Twitter account.

Personal life

On 2002 Omar became engaged to Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi and they had unofficial Islamic marriage. She has two children with him. Then in 2008, she divorced him. After that, she got married to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi a British Somali. But she reconciled with her first husband and separated from him. She also has a third child with him. Then again she divorced Hirsi because of marriage breakdown. On 2020 Omar married Tim Mynett. Ilhan Omar husband is working as a political consultant in E Street Group.

The net worth of Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar net worth has not revealed but it may be between $25,001 to -$65,000. She also has no noticeable amounts of assets. Moreover, she is still paying her student loans and car debts. Her campaigns got arranged by the campaign committee worth $1.43 Million. The top contributor is Apple Inc who gave $8,500.


Omar’s political journey is a great thing. She has survived throughout all the ill-remarks cast at her and is continuing to support good changes.