Is Carp a real city in Texas?


If you need to rampage while waiting for a new series for teens, Outer Banks Return,next panic It may be for you. An adaptation of Lauren Oliver’s best-selling novel of the same name, the Amazon Prime Video series takes place in Carp, Texas, where a recent group of high school graduates join the town’s legendary (and deadly) annual game. I’m chasing.Unlike Outer Banks, This series is not based on a real place. In fact, the fictional town of Carp is located in a completely different state in Oliver’s book.

In an interview with CBR in June, Oliver explained why. She decided to change the location of Carp Upstate New York to Texas for TV adaptation. According to her, they started filming pilots in Upstate New York in 2018, but due to bad weather they ended production. At that time, they decided to move production to Texas. “There was a tornado and a thunderstorm. We were closed. We were only filming half of the pilots, so that was a never-ending situation,” she explained. “So when we moved to Texas, I really wanted to embrace Texas, because Texas really has its own culture and taste.”

For Oliver, Carp was always intended to represent the life of a small town, not a real place. Obviously, Carp was even supposed to be in Oregon at some point (because he lived there when Oliver started writing). panic) Before she settles down in northern New York for a book. “One of the great things about it is Carp-again, just like the all all all story-Carp is a lot of places, especially in this country. “She told CBR.” So basically Carp didn’t live in a big city or grew up in a huge or wealthy environment, right? “

Most states do not have Carp, Texas (there is no Richards County, where Carp is likely to be). Shooting panic Made in Smithville, Texas, Is part of Bastrop County, just outside Austin. Several other blockbusters, including 1998, were also filmed in Smithville. Hope Floats And in 2011 Tree of lifeA shot of Smithville’s main street is often featured, Many of the storefronts were created for the series, Dot’s Diner, Lile and Sons Pharmacy, Dickenson’s Tools & Hardware, etc. However, the Backdoor Café is a real coffee shop, so if you’ve been to Smithville, you can enjoy life in Carp (without risking it).