Is Chandaliea Lowder Released? Michael Joseph McDowell Killer – Where Is She Now?

chandaliea lowder release date

Learn about the American mother Chandalies Lowder, whose immense love for her daughter and rage for revenge turned her out to be a murderer. Explore her general particulars.

On Tuesday, July 3, 2007, Chandaliea Lowder, a native of North Carolina, was sentenced in Wake County to 23 years-6 months-3 days in jail for the criminal offense of Second-degree murder of Thomas Vogt Jr.,

Though the Jury spoke out its decision, people out of the court are still thinking about if it was fair for her to take such a step for her daughter or she went a step ahead.

As her projected release date is approaching, people are again eager to revive the case and learn about her life beyond the bars.

Is Chandaliea Lowder Released? Release Date

According to the North Carolina Department of Corrections, the projected release date was January 22, 2021.

And, she got her freedom at the day.

She was pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in June and, though her sentence was 23-years, she served 14 years behind the bars.

Thomas Vogt Jr. Killer Age

Chandaliea Lowder was born on 29 June 1978 in the United States Of America.

The White woman of American nationality committed the crime when she was 27.

Her daughters were the most valuable for her and, she’d do anything to protect them. The infinitely loving mother could not remain silent after knowing that her child became the victim of sexual abuse.

Hence, she ended the revenge by killing Thomas Vogt Jr., the teen she believed had harmed her daughter in Enochville, North Carolina.

She further managed to associate two other men, Michael McDowell and Jason Sullivan, to destine her plan.

Chandaliea Lowder Kids Explored

Chandaliea Lowder was the mother of two when she got arrested. And the daughter who got molested was only 3-year-old during the abuse.

Since both of her daughters were very little, the media has not shed light on their identities.

Meet Her Husband

So far, we came to know that she is a single mother, and there are no details of her former husband.

None of the media has covered his existence or even identity during the entire conviction.

And some of the sources claim that she got married early and divorced early.

Where Is She Now?

There are no recent records of her to show her residence at the time.

But, since there are no details of her migrating from her native place, she must still be in North Carolina.