Is Jane Marczewski Leaving Good Trouble? Character Update on The Show, What Happened To Her?

good trouble in memory of jane

Is Jane Marczewski Leaving Good Trouble? Her song was used in the recent episode of the show.

Marczewski, aka Nightbirde, was an American singer-songwriter who gained fame after appearing on America’s Got Talent in 2021. She received a Golden Buzzer for her original song, but she decided not to compete in the quarterfinals due to deteriorating health.

Recently, Jane’s original song, “It’s OK,” was used on the latest episode of Freeform’s drama television series, Good Trouble. The episode “Kiss Me and Smile for Me” aired on March 16, 2022.

Is Jane Marczewski Leaving Good Trouble?

Jane Marczewski was not a part of the television show, Good Trouble. However, her original song, It’s Ok’s Live Maple House Sessions, was featured on the second episode of the 4th season.

The episode was written by Joanna Johnson and directed by Constance Zimmer. The 36 seconds of the song is featured when Mariana hugs Callie right before leaving for the airport. The housemates then hugged Mariana when she comes back into the house.

One of the main characters on the show, Callie Adams Foster, is leaving Good Trouble. The actress who plays Callie, Maia Mitchell, recently took Instagram to say goodbye to the show, reports The List.

Maia revealed that the main reason for her exit from the show was because she has been away from her family due to the pandemic. She was separated from her family for 18 months, and there was something about not being able to see them.

Jane Marczewski Character Update on The Show

Jane Marczewski is not a character on the show Good Trouble. Her fans took Twitter to thank the makers of the Good Trouble, for the most beautiful placement of her song.

Fans might have confused her with Maia Mitchell, who is leaving the show. She plans on moving back to Australia, where her family lives. There are a few projects in the works that are happening in the summer.

What Happened To Jane Marczewski?

Jane Marczewski passed away on February 19, 2022, in San Clemente, California, USA. She was surrounded by her family and she was just 31 years old. On March 4, 2022, a celebration of life was held in Ohio in her honor, as per People.

Marczewski’s family has created The Nightbirde Memorial Fund, a foundation that helps support people who are unable to afford the treatment and donated to cancer research.

America’s Got Talent: Extreme honored Jane and her legacy on February 28, 2022, at the end of “Audition 2.”