Is John B’s dad alive or dead?


Netflix teen drama, Outer BanksRevolves around a group of teenagers who can’t escape trouble, a community divided by class, and too many love triangles. It seems a little familiar. In addition to all this National treasure-All its essence has easily landed the show on our must-see list.Now both seasons Fully available on streaming services, I found it too easy to be inhaled immediately.

One of the main questions that swirls throughout Seasons 1 and 2: What happened to John B’s dad?

John B has lived alone since his father disappeared in Season 1, and his new legal guardian isn’t in the picture either. If John B is convinced of something, it means his father is not dead. When we start learning Outer Banks Not enough to cover the sketchy business and murders taking place on the Barrier Island in North Carolina. We’ll talk more about this later.

The series begins after Hurricane Agatha rips Outer Banks.. While the town is united and clearing the turmoil, our non-conforming group has other plans.they Explore a shipwreck, They find the key to the motel room. Meanwhile, the corpse was washed away for several yards.

The adventure begins
After a short distance from the cops, John B and the group found a gun and a large amount of cash in the motel room. JJ grabs the gun and that’s not the only bad decision. John B steals scuba diving equipment from his boss Ward Cameron. Investigate the wreck.. There he finds a compass that belonged to his father! (Cues scary music.) The word “Redfield” is engraved inside.

John B breaks into his father’s locked office in search of clues, knowing that his father devoted his career to finding the infamous royal merchant lost with $ 400 million in British money in the 1800s. did. At that moment, the bad guys arrive, but John B and the gang secretly escape from the window. But all blueprints, notebooks, vision boards, and photos were stolen. It looks like it’s back to a square. It’s good that they have engraved clues and their compass, right?

Like all Teen drama series, Our heroic team embarks on a once-in-a-lifetime journey. In the meantime, they escape from too many near-death experiences, cross enemy boundaries and connect a series of clues. Forbidden love Become the main character on the way.

Is John B’s dad alive?
Well, about the whereabouts of John B’s dad. .. .. He died and has been so for the past nine months. This is what actually happened. Big John found the Royal Merchant and Gold. The only problem was that Ward wrote a check to help offset the cost of this expedition, and he wasn’t very happy with his side of the cut. In a boat battle, John B’s dad collapsed, cutting his head badly with a sharp edge in the process. From a panic from the spouting blood, Ward dragged Big John’s body overboard.

Ward was surprised and confided to his fellow scooters about everything, including the Royal Merchant. On Hurricane Agatha Day, Ward advised the scooter to explore the ocean again before the storm ruined OBX’s geography. The scooter investigated a small island off the coast, but he did not find a gold jar. Temporary shelters, compasses, and bodies remain. Big John wasn’t dead when he was dumped overboard. He spent the last moment carving out his son’s clues with the compass taken by the scooter. On his way home, Hurricane Agatha overturned the situation and the scooter became like Big John, washed away and seemed dead.

But by the end of Season 2, Big John will be alive and well. Despite some attempts to convince us that John B’s dad died, the final scene of the 10-episode season reveals that it isn’t. Not only that, he is currently fighting John B and his friends with Limbury, who is trying to get the jeweled Santo Domingo cross owned by the Pope and his family. increase. Little else is known about Big John and what he has done, but we do know exactly when and when Season 3 will be. Outer Banks Was confirmed.