James Hetfield House of Vail, Colorado


Having a beautiful house, a luxurious car, peaceful life is a dream that everyone sees, but only a few can work untiringly hard to achieve their dreams and goals. Celebrities, whether film stars, musicians, sportsmen, artists or influencers, all show that the dream one see is possible to achieve if you work hard enough. 

One of the celebrities to achieve his goal and get fame around the world is James Hetfield. Today, we are going to talk about his career, his luxurious lifestyle. And when talking about luxuries how can we not talk about James Hetfield’s House in Vail, Colorado. 

James Hetfield’s House, Vail, Colorado 

James Hetfield has an elegant but enormous house in Vail. James Hetfield house of Colorado is spread in 11,509 square feet in area, with expansive land around the house. James Hetfield house has 7 luxurious bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.  

Jams Hetfield’s house, Vail was bought back in 2017 for the value of $23 Million which is now worth over $27.5 Million. The house has various fireplaces with a nice and cosy interior. The house itself is huge but the design and modelling of the house are very intricate and classic.  

James Hetfield house is situated near the base of the Vail Ski Resort. The surrounding area is quiet and free from the noise and pollution of the city. And having a resort so close to home is also a plus for the Hetfield family. 

James Hetfield’s Early Life 

James Alan Hetfield, 58, was born on August 3, 1963, in Downey, California. Although he is an American, he comes of English, German, Scottish and Irish descent.  

He grew up in a strict Christian household. His mother, Cynthia Bassett was an opera singer and his father, Virgil Lee Hetfield was a truck driver.

After their divorce in 1976, James Hetfield lived with his mother until the early demise of his mother due to cancer. After which he moved to live with his older half-brother. 

He started early and showed interest in music at the age of nine when he first started taking piano lessons. After some time, he also got interested in his brother’s drum and other instruments.

And finally, when he got to the age of fourteen his sole interest shifted to playing the guitar and he considered guitar as an influence in his life. 

James Hetfield’s Music Career 

Hetfield is an American singer, guitarist, songwriter and lead vocalist of the famous metal genre musical band ‘Metallica’. He co-founded the band ‘Metallica’ in October 1981. He is famously known to play rhythm guitar for the band and also did lead vocals both, in-studio and on stage. 

Over the years, the long journey of the brand Metallica has produced ten studio albums, three live show albums, four plays and twenty-four singles. Metallica has won 9 Grammy awards. 

James Hetfield’s Achievements 

James Hetfield is a great guitarist who got praised for his talent many times and on various platforms. Joel McIver’s book ‘The 100 greatest Metal Guitarist’, released in 2009, ranked Hetfield at No.8.

Again, he was ranked No.24 by ‘Hit Parader’ in their list of ‘100 Greatest Metal Vocalists of All Time’. After that, he was placed 19th on the list of greatest guitarists of all time by ‘Guitar world’. Rolling Stones (an American monthly magazine) ranked him 87th as the greatest guitarist of all time. 


James Hatfield has a huge, beautiful house that is spread in a vast area of land. The presence of a Ski Resort near the house can be very convenient for the Hetfield family.

As they can enjoy in Ski Resort in the day and come back home at night to relax. The scenario seems like a dream come true.