Jerrod Carmichael Parents: Meet Cynthia Carmichael And Joe Carmichael

jerrod carmichael parents

Jerrod Carmichael is a comedian who started during his school years. He began to refine his comedy craft and learn how to speak in public. In fifth grade, he was able to host a morning news show on the local access channel of his elementary school.

He released his stand-up special Jerrod Carmichael: Love at the Store on HBO in 2014. It was, incidentally, his first-ever televised performance.

Meet Cynthia Carmichael And Joe Carmichael

Jerrod Carmichael grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina with his parents Cynthia Carmichael and Joe Carmichael together with his older brother Bobby. The Carmichael household was full of love and support, but also its fair share of vocal disagreements.