Jon Sciambi Salary, Family, Weight Loss, Pronunciation, Age

jon sciambi weight loss

Jon Sciambi is a professional sportscaster for the Marquee Sports Network and ESPN. He is also presently the play-by-play announcer for the Chicago Cubs TV broadcasts.

Jon Sciambi salary

How much does Jon Sciambi receive as salary? What is Jon Sciambi’s salary? Jon Sciambi reportedly receives an average annual salary of $25,000.

Jon Sciambi family

Who are Jon Sciambi’s family? Jon Sciambi’s wife is not known yet, it is believed that he is not married yet. His parents are also not known yet. He does not have any children at the moment.

Jon Sciambi weight loss

Has Jon Sciambi lost weight? How much has Jon Sciambi lost in weight? Jon Sciambi has lost weight remarkably. He now weights 95 kilograms.

Jon Sciambi pronunciation

How is Jon Sciambi’s name pronounced? Jon Sciambi’s name pronunciation is not yet available online.

Jon Sciambi age

How old is Jon Sciambi? What is Jon Sciambi’s age? Jon Sciambi is 52 years old; born on April 11, 1970.

Jon Sciambi hometown

Where does Jon Sciambi come from? Jon Sciambi was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.