Karol G And Anuel AA Confirm The End Of Their Relationship After Nearly Three Years Together

karol g and anuel aa

Carol J W. Anuel AA They ended their relationship for nearly three years. The Colombian Reggaeton confirmed that her love penetrated social networks, and caused a stir among millions of her followers.

The popular actress of the urban genre was sad to communicate the truth to her fans and assured that in recent months they had tried to keep their romantic relationship private to avoid speculation.

“If just accepting it was difficult, imagine you will have to do it in front of millions of people” or a long time, we tried to distance our relationship from social networks to take care of ourselves. We never used our relationship to do marketing, not today, nearly 3 years ago it all started, ”he wrote on his official Instagram account.

Carol G. He also recalled the moments he spent with Anuel AA: “The amazing things that happened to us as people and as artists were a blessing and the result of a beautiful love that reached each of us in the moment we needed it most.”

Finally, he thanked his fans for their consistent support throughout their music career and dedicate a few words to the translator of “China”.

“ The love we felt from everyone was unparalleled, wonderful, and vibrating with you was magical. I love you, Emmanuel, my gratitude to you, your family and all that we live with And together we grew up countless. “

Karol G announces his split from Anuel AA

Carol G reveals that Shakira refused to do a duet with her

While promoting her new album KG0516, Regetton spoke in detail that surprised her fans. According to Karol G, he had the opportunity to do a duet with Shakira, but she refused to sing with her.

Although she said that the cooperation had not materialized, she confirmed that she understood that her compatriot’s busy schedule had not allowed her to accept the proposal and that she was willing to reconsider a duet with the interpreter in the future.

“Tosa” singer said: “If a song arrives in my opinion to Shakira, I will knock the door again. If it does not give, however you want, my respect and admiration are boundless.”

Carol G, latest news:

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