“Keep your mind and heart open to life’s endless and unpredictable possibilities”: Octavia Spencer


At Kent State University in Ohio, actress Octavia Spencer spoke passionately. “Keep your mind and heart open to the endless and unpredictable possibilities of life. And by filling in these details about “you”, you have also chosen who would be a part of these vignettes and stories in this chapter of your life at Kent State. Friendships have been created here. Relations have started. The relationship ended. Mentors have entered your life, and these are the faces you will remember when you rethink your time here, the faces you have chosen for this season, ”she said.

She continued, “The journey you take now will be led by you alone. Let me repeat it. The journey you are taking now will be led by you alone. Don’t let that scare you, oh no, let that set you free. Remember, no one has come here the same way and you will not all be successful in the same way.

“Stay focused so that your change and growth is intentional. Don’t let the person you are becoming to be shaped by disappointments, and neither do you allow yourself to be shaped by accomplishments. Remember your Kipling: If you can meet triumph and disaster, but treat these two impostors the same. Treat them the same. There will be times when saying no is necessary to maintain your values ​​and self-esteem. You define your value. Nobody else.”