Kelvin Harrison Jr. has already turned to his next major project


Kelvin Harrison Jr. has already turned to his next major project, the late great artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, in his next biography. variety Report Cyrano Actor has Taken the role The work of an American artist from Haitian-Puerto Rico, known for his paintings and street art, famous for defining the neo-expressionist art movement of the 1980s. Samorive.. The film is said to “celebrate life, career, and influence” in Basquiat.

The biography was developed and funded by Endeavor Content and directed by Julius Onah, but the date of production has not yet been detailed.To Official movie website“It’s time to tell the story of Jean-Michel Basquiat,” the statement said. Ona also posted a long statement on the website: “Jean-Michel Basquiat redefined the idea of ​​who climbs to the highest altitudes in the art world, but of his experience as an African artist and child. Complexity and Richness Diaspora has not yet been adapted in the way it deserves. [Harrison Jr.] And to celebrate the heritage of artists who, along with my collaborators, and Endeavor Content, have invited audiences around the world to be inspired by the transformative power of art. “

Regarding his future role, Harrison Jr. said the opportunity to portray the late artist was “a dream come true” for him, and Ona praised the young actor for “the ability to find and guide the spirit of the people he lives in.” ..Harrison Jr. previously starred in other major projects, including: Ruth, monster, wave, High note, When Photo..He is also set to express the role of Scar The day before The Lion King..