Livegore TikTok Shut Down? livegore 5187 Viral Video


Currently, new rumors have taken space on the Internet in which a name of the popular content creator’s name takes place. As per the sources, Livegore TikTok account has been banned or shut down currently. Many fans can’t be tracking his account on TikTok and along with this, we can’t also track the information related to the name.

There is some precision that the infamous video-sharing website LiveLeak is dead. As per the netizens, the website shut down this Wednesday, October 20, 2021, after 15 years of its nightmare trauma. Now, we are going to talk about the site and why the netizens couldn’t find the website on the Internet.

Livegore TikTok Shut Down?

As we can find on the Internet that the website was founded in 2006 by the team behind gore site Ogrish and the website, LiveLeak is infamous among the watchers to sharing or posting several graphics videos of actual violence.

Many people have been watching these videos on this website but for the last 1-2 days, they couldn’t access the website. In the starting, people believe that there are technical issues going on the website but the actual reason has not to be found yet.

livegore 5187 Viral Video on Social Media

As we have been checking the Livegore TikTok seems to be shut down at the recent moment because many people can not track his data on TikTok as well. Along with this, he was also known as LiveLeak who was popular for leaking some kind of actual violence on the Internet. At the moment, there are several videos on TikTok found on Livegore where many kinds of killing videos have been surfing or revealed on social media.

As we know that LiveLeak was shown for osting graphics videos of actual violence of actual violence including the execution of Saddam Hussein and the beheading of James Foley who was a famous journalist.

Viral 5187 Video Explained

We don’t know much about the viral 5187 videos but we are collecting some data regarding to the matter. The website LiveLeak has now redirected to Itemfix which is allowing users to post, including edit, audio, videos, and images as well. The co-founder of LiveLeak, Hayden Hewitt also thanked anonymous collaborators.

Well, some of the people were also seen in which, the tags of #livegore were added. Watching someone beheading different kinds of viral videos including suicide videos and murder, is scary to watch. Still, there are no reports regarding to the shutdown of LiveLeak.