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liz dueweke no makeup

Liz Dueweke is an American writer, journalist, content creator, and reporter who works in Seattle, Washington.

Smart, hard-working, and passionate, Liz Dueweke is well known and respected by both her viewers and colleagues for her professionalism and quality journalism.

Liz Dueweke age

Liz Dueweke was born on November 4, 1984, in Michigan, USA.

Liz Dueweke  height

Liz Dueweke is of average height.

Liz Dueweke is 1.72m tall.

Liz Dueweke teeth

Liz Dueweke  no makeup

Liz Dueweke  hair extensions

Liz Dueweke  instagram

Liz Dueweke has a verified Instagram account with over 15k followers.

Liz Dueweke  weight loss

In 2018, Liz Dueweke addressed her fans’ continuous queries about how she lost 24 lbs/pounds the previous year.

This is because she is a proponent of losing weight but without cutting back so much on food.

Liz Dueweke often posts photos and clips about eating her favorite food, and could not believe she lost that much weight.

In a July 2018 post, Liz Dueweke noted the revelation she made when attempting to lose a little weight “Calories in Vs. Calories Out determine body composition”.

Liz Dueweke made her fans see that chocolates have almost the same amount of calories as the so-called replacement food that is high in protein & fiber hence there are plenty of ways to get proteins and fibers from regular heavy meals.

Liz Dueweke  salary

As a journalist with considerable experience in her field, Liz Dueweke earns an annual salary of 58,230 dollars – 108,467 dollars per year.