Michelin-starred chef faces criticism for allegedly plagiarized recipes and personal anecdotes


Elizabeth Haigh, a former Masterchef participant in the United States and a Michelin-starred chef, has been criticized for allegedly plagiarizing recipes and personal anecdotes from a Singaporean cook.

Haigh’s book ‘Makan’, which was published in May of this year, garnered much praise from popular figures like Nigella Lawson. However, Singaporean New York cook Sharon Wee claimed the Michelin chef had “copied or paraphrased” recipes and trivia from her 2012 book “Cooking in a Nonya Kitchen.”

Wee alleged that Haigh, who also has Singaporean Chinese heritage, raised at least 15 personal recipes and stories.

“My book Growing Up in a Kitchen Nonya, first published in 2012, is both a cookbook and a memoir in which I recreated my mom’s personalized recipes, interviewed older parents, researched about my Nonya heritage and telling my family story, ”Wee said in a statement.

The chef added, “So I was shocked to find that some recipes and other content in my book had been copied or paraphrased without my consent in Makan by Elizabeth Haigh, and I immediately brought this matter to the attention of. the publisher of the book, Bloomsbury Absolute. .

“I am grateful that Bloomsbury has addressed my concerns by removing Makan from circulation.”

Haigh, on the other hand, has yet to release a statement on the matter.