Moldavite is an impressive gemstone possessing intense mysticism and cosmic powers.


From its creation to its benefits, it reflects a peculiar celestial existence in its core. Moldavite is believed to stimulate one’s energies for spiritual awakening and life transformation. If you take a Moldavite in the palm of your left hand, you’ll feel a tingling sensation accompanied by an upward rush of energy that feels warm from inside out. Whatever your life goals, Moldavite can draw a path to destiny. Such is the power that Moldavite exudes that you will experience an emotional outburst even with a slight initial contact.

What Is Moldavite?
Moldavite is a natural glass with a unique formation story behind it. Theories say that it was formed from the heat emitted from an asteroid impact about 15 million years ago. After the impact, the hot glass, newly formed, was sent flying across Europe. It is continuously mined there today. Technically, it is a Tektite, which is a group of impact glasses created from meteorite impacts. Its chemical formula is SiO2 (+ Al2O3). Moldavite possesses a Mohs hardness of 5.5-7Oh, which is similar to most glasses, and it may appear transparent or translucent, with bubbles and swirls inside. It is generally mossy green in color.

Is Moldavite Dangerous?
Moldavite is very protective of its owner. If you plan to wear Moldavite as a piece of jewelry, be aware of its effects and ensure that you do not wear it during times of intense emotions. Wearing Moldavite is known to amplify one’s emotions. You may want to consider taking it off if you are in a period of intense emotions, such as extreme excitement or grief. The Moldavite stone itself possesses no potential dangers, but its high energy, as stated, may amplify your feelings in ways that may be undesirable at the moment.

For this reason, you should only wear it on select occasions, not all the time. It is also recommended to wear Moldavite for short periods at varying intervals, as this allows your body to absorb the stone’s energy better. Beginners are also advised not to start with Moldavite but rather with ‘safer’ beginner crystals.

Silver-colored Pendant With Green Gemstone

What Are The Benefits Of Moldavite?
Connects With The Cosmos
Moldavite is one of the few gemstones that have a direct connection with celestial beings. It is believed to have formed from a meteorite crash on the earth. Consequently, it possesses extraterrestrial vibrations, which can work as a conduit between the earth’s plane and the cosmos.

Expands Your Consciousness
Moldavite can activate the dream state of your mind. The stone can familiarize your consciousness with the reality of the earth’s plane and make you experience a much deeper understanding of your spiritual and physical existence. As a result, your aura grows with a deeper awareness and consciousness.

Awakens The Chakras
In Vedic astrology, Moldavite is referred to as the chakra stimulator. This gemstone can activate three chakras (third-eye, crown, and heart chakra) for physical and spiritual well-being. It possesses intense energies channeled to places where you need more vibrations to stimulate physical and etheric bodies. You can choose to buy Moldavite as a single stone or pair it with another gemstone to practice different meditation and healing techniques.

Stimulates Inner Transformation
As you journey to spiritual awakening, a stone such as Moldavite plays a vital role. Using its intense frequencies and celestial energies, Moldavite can institute and stimulate inner transformation. It creates sensational heat within your body, which triggers chakras that come across this heat. Buying Moldavite in its pure form will help you harness cosmic frequencies and bring more synchronicity to your life. It also purges the energies around you and allows a free flow of chakra energy. It prevents negative thoughts from forming and negative energies from entering your space. You will feel a sense of protection and clarity after wearing this gemstone.

Prevents Negativity
Moldavite stone possesses energized vibrations that help to prevent the growth of negativity inside your aura. With Moldavite, you’ll feel lighter and brighter as it surrounds you with its cosmic energies. Additionally, it cleanses your soul and serves as a spiritual protector against various evils. If you ever feel overpowered by negativity in your life, you can pair Moldavite with Pectolite, another spiritually resilient gemstone. They will, in collaboration, fight off your fears and protect your soul in unwanted situations.

Brings Love And Compassion
Moldavite’s chakra energies expand to the heart chakra situated near your body’s breastbone. Hence, it directly affects feelings like compassion and unconditional love. Since it is also referred to as the powerhouse of multiplicity, it significantly affects people oblivious to its vibrations and cosmic energies. However, once you wholeheartedly embrace this gemstone, it has the propensity to change your life in positive ways and bring new, fresh energy to your relationships.

Remember that, although Moldavite is a strong crystal with impressive healing abilities and is guaranteed to cause incredible transformation in your life, it is not recommended for beginners. People who are starters on spiritual paths are advised to go for safer beginner crystals before delving deep with Moldavite magic.