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PCNOK is also known as the Oklahoma patient care network, the largest organization of imaging providers in Oklahoma. Basically, the organization was founded in 2014 and the main idea of ​​the organization is to work in groups.

The main focus of the PCNOK organization is in hospitals and clinics. However, the organization’s central office is located in the USA.

What is PCNOK:

PCNOK (Oklahoma patient care network) is the result of the nineteen Oklahoma community health care centers located in the United States. However, the organization was established in 2014 with the aim of providing the best and most advanced medical care for all patients and to improve team collaboration especially in the provision of treatment.

The Oklahoma or PCNOK patient care network network is always working to provide health care transformation such as new and unique solutions and innovations, healthy people, and high quality treatment. Apart from this the PCNOK organization also promotes different types of similar contract interests such as purchasing member interests.

Apart from this there are 25 employees in the organization but what you need to know is that all 25 employees work hard and always help others in a better way compared to other organizations.

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In one part of this organization are reCAPTCHA, GoDaddy DNS, Office 365, Font Awesome, and GoDaddy Web Hosting.

However, the PCNOK organization also works with other agencies to provide the best possible treatment for every patient and to obtain organization records. Apart from this they also work with other organizations to improve health care.

PCNOK contains more than 500 customers from private companies to community organizations. PCNOK believes it is crucial to the betterment of the whole community to increase the importance of health care.

PCNOK Update:

It is clear that PCNOK will generate Mediation data, care coordination, and complete information of the investigation programs. If PCNOK wants to qualify then this organization should satisfy the different types of models and include a foundation that should include different types of awards.

However, if we are talking about PCNOK revenue then it is less than $ 5,000,000. Now it’s time to talk about the different types of focus identified by PCNOK.

1. Everyone has access to:

All PCNOK members agree to Medicaid, self-payment, privacy protection, and Medicare patients. Accordingly the limits for patients paying cash are less than 200% and this offer is accessible after confirmation of qualifications and patient pay.

2. Preparation and Development:

PCNOK members are always working as a team and this is because they want to move forward in improving health care in the field of care groups, telehealth, and emotional well-being.

3. Comprehensive List of Primary Care and Prevention:

A comprehensive range of treatment and prevention is managed in more than 60 rural and urban areas. However, a wide range of medical health offers are being introduced in the field of visual, dental and mental health.

4. Sway

Oklahoma’s PCNOK organization helps everyone living in seventy-seven nations, as well as everyone from different regions who are considered a common model of consideration.

5. Management:

Basically, the result is using social welfare, the collective efforts of all local communities, and reconciliation ideas to help everyone.

Names of PCNOK Member Organizations:

  • Oklahoma Inc. Family Medical Center Inc.
  • Community Health Connection Inc.
  • Great Salt Plains Health Center.
  • Kiamichi Family Medical Center Inc.
  • Panhandle Health and Counseling Center.
  • Community Health Centers Inc.
  • Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc.
  • Lawton Community Health Center.
  • Caring Hands Healthcare Centers Inc.
  • Shortgrass Community Health Center Inc.
  • Northeast Oklahoma Community Health Center.
  • Arkansas Verdigris Valley Health Centers
  • Family Health Center in Middle East Oklahoma.
  • Pushmataha Family Medical Center, Inc.
  • Stigler Wellness and Health Center, Inc.

PCNOK Weaknesses:

  • PCNOK market share is very low throughout the industry.
  • Revenue for all PCNOK activity is low compared to industry standard.
  • PCNOK revenue growth is small compared to the overall industry average.
  • Few employees work in this organization and staff growth is slow.
  • The difference in PCNOK revenue growth is high compared to the sector average.


How much is PCNOK revenue?

PCNOk’s total revenue is $ 1.1M.

How many staff members are there in the PCNOK organization?

Currently, 25 employees are present in the PCNOK organization.

Where is PCNOK headquarters?

PCNOK headquarters are located in the United States. However, the headquarters address is 3000 N Grand Blvd, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73107, United States.

What are the key industries of PCNOK?

The main PCNOK industries are physicians and hospital clinics.

Who makes the most important decisions for PCNOK?

PCNOK CEO is Brian Carter.


PCNOK is an existing health care network in Oklahoma and I hope that after reading the whole article you now know everything about the PCNOK organization. Apart from this if you want to ask something related to PCNOK you can do this with the comment section of this article. Do not forget to help others by sharing this article.