Natural Wonders: 7 Exotic Spots to Explore in the USA

Natural Wonders

Most of us associate a trip to the USA with New York, Washington, Los Angeles, or Miami. As major travel destinations, these cities provide a wealth of attractions and activities to suit all tastes. 

However, if you pick up a Jeep rental and drive away from the big cities, you will find plenty of unique natural sights. The jeep will allow you to get to the most remote corners of the country. Plus, you can rent a car even if you’re a young under 25 driver. 

With the third-largest land area in the world, the USA is proud of its striking natural contrasts: the white dunes of New Mexico, the wild swamps of Florida, or the red limestone of Colorado: each of the 50 states offers unique landscapes. So, rent a car and start your trip to the most charming and exotic spots in America…

Big Sur 

This is a real piece of a tropical island in California, where you can feel the atmosphere of beauty and tranquility. Here mighty mountains tower above a stunning coastline full of endless beaches. Another local attraction is a small waterfall located right on the shore. This amazing stretch of coast is one of America’s must-visit sights. 

Pick up your rental car and travel along California State Route 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles. This trip will give you an idea of why this is one of the most exotic destinations in the country.

Olympic National Park

Located in the far northwest, this park is full of evergreen forests that turn into endless beaches near the coast. It’s a country of high mountains, steep cliffs, gorgeous waterfalls, and lush rainforests. The giant swamp valleys on the western side provide perfect conditions for wildlife. 

It’s the ideal spot for adventure seekers looking to experience one of the country’s most exotic destinations with incredible natural landscapes. Undoubtedly, a rental car will be the best way to fully explore it.

Death Valley

Death Valley in the United States is the hottest, driest, and lowest sea-level national park in the country. Despite its fearsome name, it maintains a wide variety of life throughout its territory. 

Spring is the greatest time to go to this place. Besides warm and sunny days, the opportunity to see fields of spring wildflowers is a great joy for travelers. Summer starts early here – from May till September the valley is too hot for most visitors. 

Autumn begins there at the end of October and features warm but pleasant temperatures along with generally clear skies. In winter, there are cool days and cold nights. The season of snow-covered peaks and the weak winter sun is an especially good time to explore the valley.

Culebra Island

Although Puerto Rico is partly an independent state, it’s still part of the United States. Culebra is the perfect tropical island, providing a relatively wild setting for its visitors. This is due to the lack of large hotels, shops, and chain restaurants. 

There’re no cultural sites or nightlife, but on this tiny island, you will surely spot turtles and giant iguanian lizards. Another unique local sight is the glow of the water at night. This doesn’t happen by chance. The fact is that coastal waters have a high concentration of bioluminescent organisms, which are the source of light. 

Culebra has a non-profit culture and a particularly exotic vibe. All this makes it a great place to feel complete relaxation.

Great Sand Dunes 

Perhaps, this is the most exotic U.S. trekking destination. The place resembles the Sahara Desert, but is located in America. It will take you about 3-4 hours to get there in a rental car from Denver. 

With hills of various shapes and heights of about 200 meters, these are the tallest dunes in the United States. Those who climb to the top will enjoy panoramic views of the almost endless dunes. The tallest sandpit in America offers an opportunity to try yourself in an unusual sport – sledding, and snowboarding on the slopes of the dunes. 

Denali National Park 

This is not just another exotic place, but the highest point in the entire country. Its height is 6,190 meters. Hiking to the top of Mount McKinley or simply trekking can be an exciting adventure or a good workout before more challenging routes. 

If you are not ready for such a challenge, you can simply walk around and admire the view of the mountain from a distance, or walk along the trail that runs through the forests and leads to the beautiful lake. 

While rock climbing is the number one activity there, helicopter flights are another great option for unique views. Be careful with wildlife, as the local forests are home to a variety of animals, including moose, lynxes, grizzly bears, caribou, martens, wolves, foxes, and beavers. 

Key West

The Florida Keys is a chain of islands that stretches over 100 miles in the Gulf of Mexico. At the same time, Overseas Highway connects all of them like a thread, thus traveling on it in a rental car is a perfect way to catch exotic sea views. 

As the southernmost point of the USA, Key West offers a warm Caribbean atmosphere. The major streets are lined with iconic buildings. Stunning nightlife, beach boutiques, art galleries, scuba diving, sailing, and kayaking are what await you there. If you are searching for some sightseeing options, set off to Ernest Hemingway’s former home.