New York City area Up to 6 inches of snow falls overnight and Friday morning


New York (WABC)-New York City area Up to 6 inches of snow falls overnight and Friday morning The Department of Health has issued a snow warning to the city.
The alert will take effect Thursday at 7 pm and will continue until Friday 7 pm.

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Snow alerts mean delayed debris and recycling during snow removal, and Mayor Eric Adams has announced that alternative side parking regulations will be suspended until Saturday to facilitate snow manipulation.

As of Thursday, 22% of the sector were ill, officials said, but the numbers were fluid and fluctuating daily.

The city states that during the storm, meals on the open restaurant roads may be served normally if the employer determines that it is safe. To prevent damage from the weight of the snow, restaurants should remove the top of the structure if possible, or regularly remove the snow without returning it to the street.

During a lively snow event, DSNY’s first focus is on keeping emergency vehicle roads clean and ensuring that New Yorkers do not lose access to critical medical, fire and police services, but on emergency roads. After the construction begins, the bicycle lane will begin to be cultivated and salted. Protected bike lanes are pretreated with brine and cleared as quickly as possible. Owners cannot move snow from the sidewalk to the bike lane.

City officials are urging real estate owners, including restaurants with outdoor dining structures, to avoid pushing snow into streets, including bike lanes. Snow can move to curb lines, or areas of private land, against buildings.

Sidewalks should be open to all pedestrians, if possible, including clear roads of at least 4 feet.