Nikita Dragun, who claims to be a transgender woman


Youtuber Nikita Dragun’s musical debut was caught up in the controversy on Thursday.

The popular YouTube personality is primarily known for her make-up skills, but she’s trying to make her way into the music scene and make her name as a pop star.

However, the video drop of her new single got hot for several reasons.

Nikita was called by Asian Doll for using her image in a music video.

In the video, various pictures of women, including Asian Doll, are shown in the background, so Nikita wraps “I’m wearing everything I’ve already worn.” The word “d ** k” is written on every woman’s photo.

Asians fired several tweets in response to Nikita, but Asians also received backlash against misidentifying Nikita in the message. The Asian Doll Twitter account was not active as of Thursday night.

“Nikita will be pulled by a bald head,” read one of the Asian tweets.

“Are they calling them boys who choose girls? Bullying” read another.